Update on Barbie!

One of the great perks about working with NYCSR is that you get emails now and then of dogs that have been adopted. We recently heard from Barbie’s forever home and she’s living the life! She looks amazing, happy, and comfortable. It’s an amazing transformation from the scared and shy looking dog we took in. […]

Adopted Shiba Barbie and her trip to a Japanese Garden

Barbie’s family took their dogs to a Japanese Garden in Portland, CT and let us know that Barbie and Caleb were perfect. They walked around, explored, and were well-behaved. The gentleman who built the garden was amazed at the dogs and how nice and pleasant it was to see well-balanced and sweet dogs walking around. […]

Barbie and Caleb

Barbie loves the snow and is happy that another holiday is upon us, it means she might be able to get some good food or treats and lots of presents! Her owners sent us a few pics of her and her friend Caleb.

Barbie’s First Thanksgiving

Barbie is doing well in her new home. She has 2 friends – a canine and feline. Her new forever home sent us a few pictures.

Barbie Photo

Barbie’s foster mom, Ami, took this and it was too cute not to steal. 🙂

4/7 Barbie Update

Barbie’s foster mom, Ami, says Barbie has certainly relaxed a bit since moving in here a week ago. For one thing, she’s figured out how to get on the couch by herself. It’s actually cute to watch, because unless she’s got a running start, she needs to bounce a few times to get the momentum […]

Introducing Barbie

Barbie came to us on 3/25 and is approximately 4 yrs old. She’s a red shiba, weighing about 22lbs. Her owners surrendered her to the AC&C because their building has a No Pets policy. Her foster mom has told us the following: She is sweet, but really really timid. She seems nervous around people, but […]