Bean's adoption day!

Bean was adopted last week and we have the pics to prove it. We are all going to miss Bean but very happy for her.   

Update on Bean

Bean is a wonderful, healthy little girl doing very well in her foster home. She is very affectionate and curious. Bean is somewhat mischievous, always looking for food, but fairly well behaved. She listens to instructions. She is neither toy nor food aggressive. Bean does not need to be crated, and there haven’t been any […]

Bean update

Bean is a sweet and very affectionate dog. She loves to be around people and is nice to everyone she meets. She’s always excited when you come home and doesn’t bark or wine in the mornings or beg incessantly at the dinner table. She is happy just curled up on the couch or sitting on […]

Introducing Bean

Bean is a 4 1/2 yr old tri-color, spayed, female shiba. She needs a new home because she doesn’t get along with small children very well, but is a loving, playful, and calm dog overall. It seems she’s confused by the body language of children and becomes defensive. However, she gets along very well with […]