Candy Pics

Candy looks like a new dog! She is learning more and more each day and looks wonderful.

Tasha looks great

A few days ago we got this new pic of Tasha. She doesn’t look like the nervous dog in her profile pic and looks like she’s having a good time in her foster home. She’s still shy but has been slowly coming around and relaxing. She is still learning that not everything is scary and […]

Bean update

Bean is a sweet and very affectionate dog. She loves to be around people and is nice to everyone she meets. She’s always excited when you come home and doesn’t bark or wine in the mornings or beg incessantly at the dinner table. She is happy just curled up on the couch or sitting on […]

Introducing Candy

Candy is a 30lbs., spayed, female shiba who is approximately 4 to 6 yrs old. She was a stray before coming to NYCSR and is very independent and can be aloof at times. She is friendly when she meets people. Candy only likes to be petted on the head. She is a very quiet dog, […]

Introducing Bean

Bean is a 4 1/2 yr old tri-color, spayed, female shiba. She needs a new home because she doesn’t get along with small children very well, but is a loving, playful, and calm dog overall. It seems she’s confused by the body language of children and becomes defensive. However, she gets along very well with […]

Penny Update

Penny has become very comfortable in NYC, but she still does not like loud noises. That rush hour traffic and the noises buses and trucks make still make her jump a little. She also still gets a little tense when bikes, strollers, anything with wheels comes too close to her. Penny is a petite little […]

Tasha's Progress

For the last month Tasha’s made some progress but she is still very shy. She tends to hide most of the day but does come out. When she is out with the family she’s extremely lovable and affectionate. Tasha does not seem to have a prey drive nor approach any animal or human aggressively. She’s […]

Bea Update

Bea looks wonderful – here’s the latest: Last Sunday I went to West Hills to visit Bea & Rusty. After a rigorous play session with Rusty, little Bea came out to visit. As soon as I saw her, I began to cry with happiness! Bea looks like a new dog! She was given a doggy […]

Bea Update

Our volunteer who transported Bea had this to say: I had the pleasure of transporting Rusty and Bea from Trenton, NJ to Huntington, LI, where they are being vetted and boarded at West Hills. Bea is a very sweet and quiet girl that slowly warmed up to me by the end of the day. She […]

Introducing Bea

Bea came to us from a high-kill shelter in Kentucky. Bea lived most of her life on a chain outside. She is an older girl, is wonderful on a leash and is very nice. Her owner said she had a tendency to be nippy, but she has not shown that at the shelter. Bea is […]

Tasha Update 5/8

Tasha is doing well in her foster home, Joanne has this to say: Tasha is doing well with the other pets in my home, and seems to do well when encountering other dogs on walks. She is also friendly with people and children, but is a little shy at first. She gets nervous when she […]

Introducing Tasha

Tasha is certainly a little gift – born on Christmas Day 2000, Tasha is a sweet petite little girl who is very shy around strangers, but loves being around other dogs and cats. She was brought into foster care after she lost her human mom and her human grandmom was not able to care for […]

Penny Update

Over the weekend I had the privilege to dogsit Penny for a day. I picked her up Sat night and upon first impression I wasn’t sure if she would let me take her anywhere. She was scared to meet me and kept howling and jogging around. After a few minutes she started to ignore me […]

Barbie Photo

Barbie’s foster mom, Ami, took this and it was too cute not to steal. 🙂

Introducing Penny

This little cutie pie is Penny. Penny is almost two years old and she’s a small, tri-colored – or what some people call a red-headed black and tan – Shiba Inu. Penny was purchased from a pet store as a puppy. She wasn’t taught the rules or boundaries of her new home and grew up […]

4/17 Kiera Update

Kiera is doing very well in her foster home. She has maintained her weight, and although she is on the thin side, the vet believes that she is just naturally thin. Kiera has a slight ear infection which is clearing up with medication given to her by the vet. Kiera is very sweet and loving. […]

Introducing Jada

4/7 Barbie Update

Barbie’s foster mom, Ami, says Barbie has certainly relaxed a bit since moving in here a week ago. For one thing, she’s figured out how to get on the couch by herself. It’s actually cute to watch, because unless she’s got a running start, she needs to bounce a few times to get the momentum […]

Introducing Barbie

Barbie came to us on 3/25 and is approximately 4 yrs old. She’s a red shiba, weighing about 22lbs. Her owners surrendered her to the AC&C because their building has a No Pets policy. Her foster mom has told us the following: She is sweet, but really really timid. She seems nervous around people, but […]

Introducing Kiera

Kiera is a very sweet dog who has some nervousness and anxiety issues that her foster family are working on. She’s not fond of loud noises and will be jumpy. In the foster home, she adjusted after a day or two to the sounds in the house but still exhibited anxiety when being walked outside. […]