Happy Birthday Shayna

OK, first off, I have to say that the sound of two Shibas merrily destroying roasted lamb bones is almost as soothing as a stable full of horses chomping on their feed. 🙂 Today is Shay’s birthday. She’s THREE today. My special birthday present to her is… a brand new, wonderful, forever home! The main […]

Shay's First Meetup

Shayna went to her first meetup with me and Snickers today. The NYC Shiba Inus and Their Human Companions had a joint meetup with The Beagle Pack at a brand new daycare place in Chelsea called D is for Doggy. There were about 40 people there and the dogs all had a great time. Shayna […]

All About Shayna

Shayna is a great little dog. Snickers and I have fallen completely in love with her. Every time I watch them nuzzle and snuggle or play with each other, I think I want to KEEP HER. The only problem with that is that there is one of me and two of them. They are both […]

Introducing Shayna

Shayna was surrendered by her owner because she didn’t like sharing her home with puppies. (Her owner had other dogs that had puppies recently.) Shayna was apparently very unhappy and needed a place to live where she felt more comfortable. She’s definitely comfortable living with me! 🙂 Snickers and I are enjoying having our first […]