Tasha and her new home

Tasha was adopted and has been coming out of her shell. Her new family sent us these pics!

Tasha looks great

A few days ago we got this new pic of Tasha. She doesn’t look like the nervous dog in her profile pic and looks like she’s having a good time in her foster home. She’s still shy but has been slowly coming around and relaxing. She is still learning that not everything is scary and […]

Tasha's Progress

For the last month Tasha’s made some progress but she is still very shy. She tends to hide most of the day but does come out. When she is out with the family she’s extremely lovable and affectionate. Tasha does not seem to have a prey drive nor approach any animal or human aggressively. She’s […]

Tasha Update 5/8

Tasha is doing well in her foster home, Joanne has this to say: Tasha is doing well with the other pets in my home, and seems to do well when encountering other dogs on walks. She is also friendly with people and children, but is a little shy at first. She gets nervous when she […]

Introducing Tasha

Tasha is certainly a little gift – born on Christmas Day 2000, Tasha is a sweet petite little girl who is very shy around strangers, but loves being around other dogs and cats. She was brought into foster care after she lost her human mom and her human grandmom was not able to care for […]