Update for Clay and Zucca

Clay and Zucca were adopted by their foster dad, Rain, back December. Recently, we were sent an update and some photos of the dogs, who are now called Betsy and Kit. Rain told us that they are doing great and have a shiba friend who sometimes stays with them. Kit’s fur has come in nicely […]

Zucca's November Update

Zucca is being fostered by Rain and lives with Clay aka Kit now. This has been a great match, both dogs love playing together and hanging out. Zucca has helped Kit like his crate and understand what it’s for and Kit has shown Zucca what it means to be housebroken. Overall, they are a lot […]

Zucca Update 10/9

Zucca is doing very well in her foster home. She’s about 13lbs now and gets along well with her foster brother, to the point where she lets him stand near her when she’s eating. Talk about good friends! At the dog run she is still a little nervous being around so many dogs; it still […]

Zucca update

Zucca is doing well in her foster home. She weighs about 8-9 lbs. She is friendly with the other dog in the house except when eating – Zucca tends to be a little food aggressive. Zucca is good on walks, but gets a little nervous in the dog run. She still prefers women over men, […]

Introducing Zucca

Zucca is a 3 month old female, red and white Shiba Inu who weighs about 8lbs. and was brought to us because her owners did not have the time it takes to raise a puppy. Puppies require a lot of patience, time, and consistent training. We hope to find Zucca a forever home with people […]