Alumni Update for Hanzo

Spencer recently sent an email to us letting us know how Hanzo has been doing. He told us that Hanzo is fantastic as always. He is getting older though. His sight is limited these days. The vet is unsure as to why. The vet believes it to be Sudden Acquired Retinal Degeneration Syndrome (SARDS) so […]

Alumni Shiba: Brutus

Tammy, who adopted Brutus, recently sent us a pic of him happily lounging on her bed. She told us that Brutus has been a wonderful addition to her family and that he brings so much happiness into their lives. We just had to share the pic and we’re so glad to see one of our […]

Alumni Shiba Update: Niccolo

Nico (Niccolo) came to us in March of 2009 and was adopted soon afterwards. His owners recently dropped us an email to let us know that Nico has been doing great. He’s a healthy dog who hovers around 26lbs and loves going for walks. Nico has even trotted over the Brooklyn Bridge. Nico used to […]

Naptime for Scooter

Scooter, previously known as Mr. Squeakers, loves his forever home and has found his favorite nap spot! We love when our shibas are living life to the fullest or in this case, snoozing.

Rusty and his forever home!

Rusty’s family sent us an update on how he’s doing. He’s been great and they tell us he’s just wonderful. They are still learning things about him as they introduce him to new situations. This past winter when it was snowing quite a bit, Rusty showed them his skillz as he jumped into the snow […]

An update on one of our adopted dogs, Quincy!

Quincy has been having a great time in his new home. His owners have told us that he gets a lot of exercise, and is the best dog ever! He loves treats and food but he can’t have too many else he’ll be a chubby fella. His best friend, Zelda, and he play a lot […]

Lucy and Sketch

Lucy and Sketch aka Diamond are loving their forever home! Michele was able to go visit them a few weeks ago and see these two special dogs.

November Update for Rusty

Rusty has become more and more affectionate with his foster family. He is much more playful all around and will come up onto the bed when invited to cuddle. He’s also not barking as much as he did before. He wears a citronella collar when no one is home. Rusty has figured out that when […]

Update on Kato

Kato is doing really well. There has been no change in his weight and his coat has improved. Kato’s foster family report that Kato is fun, curious and sweet. He likes to bark at cats, squirrels, bikes, lawn sprinklers and other dogs on leash. He is showing more affection – jumping up on couch with […]

NYC Shiba Rescue, Inc. Announces That Lucy and Casper are Going Home!

New York, NY – October 11, 2009 – NYC Shiba Rescue, Inc. (NYCSR), a volunteer group dedicated to the rescue of Shiba Inu breed dogs in the NY metropolitan area, today announced the adoption of the cream twins, Lucy Rose and Casper, on October 3, 2009. Lucy and Casper were actually brother and sister for […]

Rusty’s October Update

Rusty’s foster family has told us that he has opened up to them more since they first had him and loves to meet their friends. He greets other dogs very well too and has fun at the dog run and going for walks. He’s learned how to play with other dogs appropriately and read their […]

September Update for Casper (aka Sketch)

Sketch has been doing very well in my home. He hasn’t gained or lost any weight and his coat continues to be quite soft. The vet recommends he have an EKG to see what extent his heart murmur is. The last vet we took him to said the ulcer in his eye didn’t appear to […]

DJ’s Sept. Update

Donna, DJ’s foster mom, told us that in the last month DJ has become even MORE affectionate and loyal to her. He also likes to zoom and do the Shiba 500 through the house. Sounds like DJ is a very very happy dog. He has free roam now during the day and night, which has […]

Sketch’s August Update

Sketch’s foster mom, Michele, told us recently that the vet noticed a small heart murmur along with an ulcer under his right eye. He was treated for the ulcer but we will be looking into checking into the murmur some more. Sketch’s eye seems to bother him and we are wondering if he will need […]

Introducing Rusty!

Please welcome to NYCSR, Rusty, a beautiful sesame colored male shiba who is about 9 years old. He’s come to us because his former owner changed jobs and was unable to dedicate the time needed to care for a dog. Rusty is about 28lbs and has a little chubbiness to him that his current foster […]

Kato’s August Update

Kato’s foster family gave us an update recently on how he’s doing. Kato has adjusted to the house completely and loves playing fetch, playing with the family, and sleeping on his dog bed. He is very friendly when meeting new people but sometimes shows some aggression when meeting dogs on a leash. He’s become more […]

The lastest news on Niko

Niko still shows some signs of having itchy skin, but it’s not increased. He’s on a diet of eating potato and duck and occasionally being a naughty pup and getting into the trash can to find “forbidden food.” He’s healthy overall and was very calm at the vet. Sometimes he will get hyper and zoom […]

Update for DJ

DJ is a sweetheart and his foster mom told us he’s very happy and likes to play in the yard and has a great time at the dog park. He likes to chew on nylabones and is calming down, not barking as much, and is friendly with other pets. He’s friendly and affectionate and overall […]

Mr. Squeakers’ July Update

Mr. Squeakers is happy, healthy, and is showing more and more the playful side of himself. He’s also been protective of his foster mom who has been recovering from a surgery. He sleeps with her and makes sure nothing bad is happening. She told us that the day she came home, he sniffed her and […]

Quick update on Casper

Casper’s foster mom has a dog walker so he gets the exercise he needs when she’s not available. His dogwalker told us that he’s great and is the perfect dog. He’s been learning the down command and his dog walker has also been reinforcing it. She let us know that he picked it up and […]