Brando's new digs!

Brando has a forever home and his new owner absolutely adores him. Brando is one of NYCSR’s most well traveled dogs, having lived in three foster homes in New Jersey, Pennsylvania and Massachusetts. Despite his multiple moves Brando has maintained a steady temperament as a loving and playful older boy. With his weight up to […]

Brando’s March Update

Brando’s allergic itchy spots are getting better. Some of his fur is growing in and the dark, leathery texture that he had is slowly going away from where he often licked and scratched his skin. He’s not itching anymore and has been on a homeopathic treatment plan which is working. He’s stopped itching/biting himself, seems […]

Brando's Update

Brando has been in his new foster home for about a month now and his foster family let us know that he’s doing well. He now has a harness instead of a collar for walks and it’s improved his leash walking a great deal. He was choking himself on the collar and then would try […]

Update for Brando

Brando’s been on some medication and has had a special bath to help alleviate the irritated area and cut down on the itchiness. The area has obviously been inflamed before and the vet said this was an old allergy that was probably never treated. We are looking into what can be done to find out […]

Brando Update 11/7

Brando is doing well in his foster home. He is about 25 lbs and still has some skin irritations. The vet thinks it might be allergies but we’re still not sure what he could be allergic to. He has tougher skin around his belly where the irritations are and the vet believes Brando may have […]

Brando Update 9/29/08

The skin issues on Brando’s snout have healed completely, and we haven’t seen any signs of it coming back anywhere else. The rest of his coat is about the same, although we are noticing that as the weather gets cooler, his skin is getting drier, too. Brando is still as playful as ever, and LOVES […]

Brando update

Brando has been doing very well since his neutering, and has even gained a few more pounds. His foster mom says this: “Brando is very snuggly and loving. He’ll often come up on the couch with us and curl up next to or on our laps and immediately roll over for tummy rubs. He’s also […]

Brando Update

Our sweet Brando is doing quite well. He has been neutered and is gaining his much needed weight. Here’s what Ami says: “Brando is a very sweet old boy with a lot of love to give. He gets along great with Dakota; they play and nap together all the time. Brando loves to snuggle and […]

Brando's charisma has won over his foster home!

It looks like Brando has won the hearts of his foster family.

Brando is looking good

Brando has certainly improved and seems to love posing for the camera. Here’s some more pics!  

Brando update

Brando’s new foster Mom, Ami has this to say: Brando’s adapting pretty well here. No signs of aggression at all towards us or our Shiba and he has shown no apprehensiveness or nervousness whatsoever. He still tries to mount Dakota when he can, but hopefully neutering him will help that. Brando’s very sweet and will […]

Introducing Brando

This cute guy is Brando (formerly known as Brandy), he gives kisses and is looking for a new home. He was surrendered because his owner could no longer care for him, he’s a bit on the thin side and we’re working with him to learn manners. He’s learning to walk on a leash, not to […]