Alumni Shiba: Brutus

Tammy, who adopted Brutus, recently sent us a pic of him happily lounging on her bed. She told us that Brutus has been a wonderful addition to her family and that he brings so much happiness into their lives. We just had to share the pic and we’re so glad to see one of our […]

Brutus and his forever home

We have a quick update on Brutus – he’s doing great and loves his forever home. His new family have told us he’s a great addition and fits in perfectly! Their son and Brutus are good friends and everything is going well. His mom, Tammy, sent us a few pics:

Brutus update

Brutus’ foster Mom has nothing but wonderful things to say about Brutus: Brutus is ADORABLE, LOVABLE, SWEET AND GENTLE. Even when I give him food, he takes it from me so gently. I know Brutus has mannerisms of a cat, but he also has the memory of an elephant!! My neighbors, a retired couple, who […]

Here's Brutus

Tammy, Brutus’s foster mom, told us he’s doing very very well and has learned the routines that she’s been establishing with her. He knows to sit before he’s fed without being asked anymore, he knows the walking routes and some key words like “home,” “run,” and “car.” If she asks him “Do you want to […]

Brutus photo shoot!

Brutus’ foster family sent us a few pics of him having a lot of fun at a dog meetup recently. It was great- his foster mom was in shiba heaven! Brutus ran with the other shibas for awhile. He got tired out after an hour of running around. He got along very very well with […]

Brutus's update

It looks like this winter weather is affecting our dogs. Brutus also had an ear infection. It is gone now but he wasn’t happy and didn’t like the vet poking around his ears. However he tolerated it and that’s good. His foster mom describes him as a sweet, calm, and affection dog. Brutus loves to […]

Update on Brutus

Brutus is doing well in his foster home. Since his last blog entry he has been neutered and has healed up well from that. He briefly developed his kennel cough again, due to the stress of the neutering, but that has been cleared up with antibiotics. Brutus is sweet, loving, affectionate and loves to be […]

Introducing Brutus

Brutus is a 7 yr. old male who came to NYSCR because his former owners had lost their home. He’s about 32lbs and is currently on some antibiotics for kennel cough. His foster mom Tammy has told us also that the vet suggested a teeth cleaning as well as when he gets neutered. On walks […]