Lucy and Sketch

Lucy and Sketch aka Diamond are loving their forever home! Michele was able to go visit them a few weeks ago and see these two special dogs.

NYC Shiba Rescue, Inc. Announces That Lucy and Casper are Going Home!

New York, NY – October 11, 2009 – NYC Shiba Rescue, Inc. (NYCSR), a volunteer group dedicated to the rescue of Shiba Inu breed dogs in the NY metropolitan area, today announced the adoption of the cream twins, Lucy Rose and Casper, on October 3, 2009. Lucy and Casper were actually brother and sister for […]

September Update for Casper (aka Sketch)

Sketch has been doing very well in my home. He hasn’t gained or lost any weight and his coat continues to be quite soft. The vet recommends he have an EKG to see what extent his heart murmur is. The last vet we took him to said the ulcer in his eye didn’t appear to […]

Sketch’s August Update

Sketch’s foster mom, Michele, told us recently that the vet noticed a small heart murmur along with an ulcer under his right eye. He was treated for the ulcer but we will be looking into checking into the murmur some more. Sketch’s eye seems to bother him and we are wondering if he will need […]

Quick update on Casper

Casper’s foster mom has a dog walker so he gets the exercise he needs when she’s not available. His dogwalker told us that he’s great and is the perfect dog. He’s been learning the down command and his dog walker has also been reinforcing it. She let us know that he picked it up and […]

A few videos of Casper

Casper aka Sketch loves to be outside and explore the world at large. He enjoys walks in the woods with his foster family where he can check out every leaf and twig along the way. When everyone is out on the deck, he is out with them watching the activities of the natural world. Casper […]

Casper’s June Update

Casper is currently being treated for ringworm. It’s a contagious fungal infection that isn’t too difficult to treat but can be difficult to contain. He’s had a few baths with special shampoo and has a cream applied to the area everyday. This hasn’t affected his personality, but does make it hard to hug the little […]

Casper’s Update for May

Casper recently went to the vet and his foster family told us he was great. Nothing bothered him, including a German Shepard in the waiting room who wanted to meet him, Casper held his own, didn’t cower, didn’t strike out – just stood quietly until the shepherd’s owner got control of the dog. His foster […]

Update for Casper aka Sketch!

Casper’s foster family let us know that they have nicknamed Casper, Sketch. When he went to their house he had a bottle of medication for Lyme Disease and has not shown any outward signs in the last few weeks. From what we can tell, Casper may have some vision problems as he doesn’t always know […]

Introducing Casper

Casper is ~ 11 year old and came to us from a shelter in PA. He was there as a cruelty case and is now in a foster home and getting very comfortable with a nice warm bed, food, and lots of love. The spot on his face is where a growth was removed. It […]