An update on one of our adopted dogs, Quincy!

Quincy has been having a great time in his new home. His owners have told us that he gets a lot of exercise, and is the best dog ever! He loves treats and food but he can’t have too many else he’ll be a chubby fella. His best friend, Zelda, and he play a lot […]

Update on Chase (Quincy)

Chase who is now Quincy has been doing great in his new home. His family let us know that he’s a graduate of obedience school and has learned basic commands and recall. He also now waits at the doorway instead of bolting. His family is considering going for his Canine Good Citizen test one day! […]

Update on Chase

Oh Chase! What a lovely, adorable little ball of energy! He is so well-adjusted. He is in a new foster home with 4 other dogs, 3 of them Shiba Inu’s. Right from day one, he was eager to play with all of them. Not all of them were as eager, but within a few days, […]

Quincy aka Chase

We got this great update the other day from Quincy’s (Chase) owners and had to share it here. He’s doing great and loves the dog park. He also has found himself a perch in the house where he can nap, watch the world go by through the window, and pose. He might think he’s a […]

Chase is now Quincy!

Chase is with his new adopted family and has been adjusting and loving his new digs. He spent his first night in a crate and wasn’t happy at first, a little barking, a slight shiba scream but then he was content to curl up with his towel that he had from his foster home. A […]

Latest video of Chase

Here is Chase playing with my dog, Bosco. Please ignore the messy room. Later in the video you will hear Nami crying upstairs because I’m not paying attention to him. Nami was adopted from NYCSR.

Chase's update

Chase is having a good time with his foster family and is becoming more and more well-mannered. He gets treats as a reward for his good behavior and has been overall, improving. He is getting better at listening and responding when asked to sit, stay, and lie down. Chase also comes when called more often […]

11/30 Update for Chase

Chase is looking good, his fur is becoming softer and thicker. He was chewing one his paws and his foster mom took him to vet. It ended up being some sort of allergic reaction and now it’s gone. We’re not sure what he was allergic to, but he’s fine now. He is very sweet and […]

Chase likes to garden

Chase loves being outside. He’s a fun loving dog that has a lot of energy. We recently learned that he also loves to garden. His foster family sent us this pic:

Update on Chase 10/26

Chase has been settling into his foster home and we recently got an update on how he’s doing. Overall he’s a got a great personality but he does need to learn some boundaries which his foster family is trying to do with him. Chase is a really sweet dog. He made himself at home right […]

Videos of Chase

Check out these videos of our foster dog, Chase.

Introducing Chase

Chase came to us at the end of September. We don’t know much about him but he looks to be about 5 yrs old and is a neutered male Shiba. He was left at PetSmart. We guess his owners were no longer able to care for him and hoped that someone at the store would […]