DJ’s Sept. Update

Donna, DJ’s foster mom, told us that in the last month DJ has become even MORE affectionate and loyal to her. He also likes to zoom and do the Shiba 500 through the house. Sounds like DJ is a very very happy dog. He has free roam now during the day and night, which has […]

Update for DJ

DJ is a sweetheart and his foster mom told us he’s very happy and likes to play in the yard and has a great time at the dog park. He likes to chew on nylabones and is calming down, not barking as much, and is friendly with other pets. He’s friendly and affectionate and overall […]

Update for DJ

DJ’s foster mom told us that he’s getting a shinier coat and went to the vet recently to get his yearly shots. He was exceptionally good and sat in the waiting room nice and patiently, and was very good with the vet. His foster mom, Donna, describes him as a happy go lucky boy who […]

DJ’s update

DJ’s foster mom, Donna, told us that he’s a very happy and lively guy. He’s smart and a quick learner. DJ has been doing well with basic commands and doesn’t bark at the fence as much as he did last month. He’s also very friendly to other dogs that he meets at the dog park […]

The latest on DJ

DJ is doing very well in his new foster home. His coat has gotten shinier and softer. DJ is a wonderful dog, he is very loving and loves to cuddle. He is a leaner and will push you out of the way to make himself more comfy. He is a little mouthy but not aggressive, […]

The Latest News on DJ

DJ’s foster mom let us know that he’s a great dog. He loves to cuddle and is extremely loving. He is a leaner and will push you out of the way to make himself more comfy. He can be a little mouthy but isn’t aggressive, just playful, if she asks him to “give kisses” he […]

Update for DJ

DJ has been staying with Molly but will soon be moved to a new foster mom to see how he adapts to new environments and also to continue his training and behavior modification. Molly told us that DJ may have some allergies to some materials and recommends no bedding in the crate. We’re not sure […]

A few pics of DJ

Dj’s foster mom sent us a few pics of him for us to share. Click the images to enlarge

DJ update

DJ’s foster mom told us that he’s been doing great! He has some resource guarding that she is working to modify and says it’s minor in comparison to other dogs that she has worked with. It seems that maybe it was a mixture of DJ not understanding what was being asked of him and his […]

Introducing DJ!

DJ was born on Nov 13, 2007 and is about 26 lbs. He’s a cute ball of energy who was turned into a shelter because he bit his owner. We’re not sure of the reason why he was aggressive with his owner. The shelter has reported to us that he was sweet and fine. We […]