Jordan update

Jordan is getting better about being around people and other dogs. He is still kind of a skittish, and definitely on guard in the house, but he’s sweet and is fine with receiving affection. The barking at the door and when people pass by the window is still a concern. Haven’t made a ton of […]

Update on Jordan

Jordan is doing very well in his foster home and holding steady at 27 lbs. The vet said that Jordan is in good health, except for his hind legs. Both Jordan’s knees are calcified, which means that he walks a little stiff-legged. But since Jordan doesn’t complain, the vet didn’t think there was any pain […]

Jordan's Update

Jordan’s foster family let us know that because of his ACL replacement, he sometimes holds his leg up as if it bugs him a little. He will walk, run, and stand on it but occasionally he will wince a little. Otherwise he’s in good shape. He can be very sweet but gets very overly excited […]

Introducing Jordan

Jordan is an 8yr old neutered male who was surrendered to us because he showed some aggression to the mailman and his owners were nervous that they would not be able to curb this behavior properly. Our initial impression of him is that he’s nervous, perhaps a little low in the self-esteem/confidence department and therefore […]