The lastest news on Niko

Niko still shows some signs of having itchy skin, but it’s not increased. He’s on a diet of eating potato and duck and occasionally being a naughty pup and getting into the trash can to find “forbidden food.” He’s healthy overall and was very calm at the vet. Sometimes he will get hyper and zoom […]

Niko’s update for May

Niko’s foster mom, Valerie, told us that Niko has been itching a lot lately and may have some sort of seasonal allergy or possibly food allergy. He is going to the vet and we’ll find out what he needs to stop being so itchy. However, since he’s been itching and scratching a lot, it seems […]

Update on Niko

Niko is doing very well, he has even lost about 3-5 lbs. He scratches often, but not to the point that he is damaging himself. He did not have an appetite the first week or so. The weight loss is from when he first came into foster care. He is now eating regularly. Niko is […]

Introducing Niko

Niko is a 4 yr old neutered male who was surrendered to us by his owners because they are moving and cannot take him with them. Niko is about 35lbs and has some allergies to pork, beef, and chicken. His foster family have described him as quiet dog who enjoys being pet and at times […]