Naptime for Scooter

Scooter, previously known as Mr. Squeakers, loves his forever home and has found his favorite nap spot! We love when our shibas are living life to the fullest or in this case, snoozing.

Mr. Squeakers’ July Update

Mr. Squeakers is happy, healthy, and is showing more and more the playful side of himself. He’s also been protective of his foster mom who has been recovering from a surgery. He sleeps with her and makes sure nothing bad is happening. She told us that the day she came home, he sniffed her and […]

Mr. Squeakers

Here’s a great pic of Mr. Squeakers at the dog park playing with a bunch of canine friends.

Mr. Squeakers’s Update

Mr. Squeakers has been in his foster home for 4 months and his foster mom told us that he’s doing great! Any behavior problems and quirks that he had have subsided and he’s gotten into a good routine and loves their cat, Molly. They play by running around the house and the cat will turn […]

Mr. Squeakers Update

Squeakers’s foster parents gave us a small update and let us know he’s a happy, playful, and extremely cute little guy who is having a great time. They sent us a few pics and we just had to share them.

Mr. Squeakers update

Mr. Squeakers has been neutered and is healing up quite nicely. His foster parents are watching his left back leg. When he goes down steps fast he doesn’t use it. When he goes to get his stitches taken out, we will have the vet look at his paw/leg. Mr. Squeakers is very playful and a […]

Update on Squeakers

Squeakers has been doing well in his foster home. He’s about 14 lbs now and had some anxiety when he first moved to his foster home. Sometimes he’d have an accident in his crate but it seems like it may not be a regular thing. His foster family are trying to see if they notice […]

Introducing Mr. Squeakers

Mr Squeakers was surrendered to NYCSR as his family was moving and they could not bring him with them. Squeakers is about 15lbs- he’s a very small little guy. He was born in December of 2006, so he’s a young dog with lots of love and laughter to share. He’s up to date on vaccinations, […]