Sunny's Feb update

Sunny is doing great, his coat is shiny and full and he’s maintaining his weight. He’s also getting better with walking and doesn’t pull as much as he used to. His foster dad told us that he’s wonderful with children and really great with other dogs. Overall, Sunny is living the good life and gets […]

Sunny's update 12/17

Sunny is becoming a trim and fit doggie! He’s about 39 lbs now and he looks great. Sunny has a wonderful disposition and gets very excited to see and meet people. He greets his foster dad and his roommates with a happy face and wagging tail everyday when they come home from work. Sunny is […]

Sunny update October

From the time Sunny came in to foster care until now, he has lost about 20lbs and is down to 46 lbs. Sunny‚Äôs coat looks great and he had his teeth cleaned and was neutered. He is recovering from the surgery nicely. He is still in pain and sits down more often then usual, but […]

Sunny Update – 8/21/08

Sunny’s foster dad Andrew has told us that Sunny is losing weight! He’s not sure how much but he can see a difference and seems to be around 50 lbs now! This is great news. Sunny was overweight and needed to lose weight for his own health. Andrew has been taking Sunny out for walks […]

7/3 Sunny Update

Sunny weighs in at 55 lbs. and has started an exercise routine with his new foster dad, Andrew. Mostly walks, and that’s a bit tough on Sunny given the summer weather and his size, so sometimes he gets winded. He also has a low center of gravity, so he can actually knock you off your […]

Introducing Sunny

Sunny is an eight year old red male shiba who came to us on 6/22. His owner had to move and were not able to take him. He’s a friendly boy who is good with children, adults, and the vet. He will play with a squeaky toy and is a gentle dog. He likes other […]