Little Chopstix’s Sept Update

Chopstix is a lovable dog and has a personality that you fall in love with immediately upon meeting her. Her foster mom Jenn has been taking great care of her and Choppy hangs out with a pack of shibas and is living a life of luxury. She’s a lap dog and is friendly and sweet. […]

Update on Chopstix

Chopstix, also known as Choppy is wonderful! Her coat is thinner than most Shibas probably because of the Beagle mix. Her foster mom, Jenn, has been giving her Salmon oil and vitamins and her coat has improved — much softer and shinier and she is now shedding. She probably doesn’t blow coat like shibas, but […]

Chopstix’s Update

Chopstix’s foster mom, Jenn, told us recently that things are going well. It seems that Choppy may have allergies as she does tear more than her other dogs and has some stains on her face from it. Chopstix also has dew claws, which are the little “extra” toe that some dogs are born with. Her […]

Introducing Chopstix!

“Choppy” is a tiny 7 yr old Shiba/Beagle mix weighing in at about only 18 pounds. She is such a sweetie! SO affectionate and well behaved. Chopstix has never been raised around dogs, but on the first night in her foster home she has already made friends with her foster brother and sister. Choppy is […]