Emmie update

Emmie is doing wonderfully. She’s gotten a clean bill-of-health from the vet. She’s gained a couple of pounds, and her coat is soft and shiny. Foster mom Laurel has this to say: Emmie is wonderfully sweet, she has mellowed a lot since I first met her. She is much sweeter, loyal and happy. She is […]

Emmie Update

Emmie has had a tough life, but she is still such a sweet girl. After being adopted back in October 2007 Emmie is back at NYCSR. Due to unforseen circumstances, her adopter recently had to move into a no-pets building and gave Emmie back to us. We are always here for our dogs. Now, we’re […]

08/19 Emmie Update

Our sweet girl Emmie has now been placed into a new foster home. Our Intake Director, Michele, has taken Emmie into her pack to work with her on socialization skills. Emmie doesn’t really know how to ‘speak’ dog. Currently, upon coming into contact with other dogs on walks, she is not able to communicate the […]

07/30 Emmie Update

Emmie has been busy learning! She now is used to her leash and rarely pulls except when she sees other dogs on walks- something she’s working on however. She also now does not give any problems when going in her crate. Her initial separation anxiety has also disappeared as well. She rather not be alone […]

Introducing Emmie

Emmie is a very cute 3 year old spayed girl who is about 30 pounds. Emmie was originally found on the steps of a church in Flushing, Queens. She was muzzled and her front paws were duct taped. After being put into foster care upstate and then adopted, Emmie was then returned to rescue upstate […]