NYC Shiba Rescue, Inc. Announces That Ginger is Going Home!

New York, NY – October 15, 2009 – NYC Shiba Rescue, Inc. (NYCSR), a volunteer group dedicated to the rescue of Shiba Inu breed dogs in the NY metropolitan area, today announced that our veteran foster dog, Ginger, was finally adopted on October 2, 2009.  After one and a half years and four different foster […]

The latest on Ginger

Ginger is doing well and had a great summer with her foster mom, Molly. She went on a trip to Ithaca NY and has been improving with the separation anxiety issues. She’s much better now about being left alone in the house and loves to hang out in Molly’s bedroom to nap. Ginger would be […]

Ginger’s update for July

Ginger has lost a little weight, it may be due to the summer as dogs and cats don’t burn energy as much as they do during the winter. She also doesn’t eat as much food as she did before. Her foster mom, Molly, told us that Ginger is like velcro and likes to be in […]

Update on Ginger

Ginger is doing very well and has no health concerns. Not even any allergies. She is sweet, needy and friendly. Her separation anxiety is improving. Ginger is also getting better with the other dogs in the house. She is calmer around the other dogs. Her obedience is slow but steady. Her personality has emerged – […]

Ginger update

Ginger is doing well. She recently went to a new foster home because her previous foster had some trips coming up and has gotten very busy at work. He let us know how Ginger has been doing before she went to her new home. Ginger is very energetic and likes attention. She gets very excited […]

Ginger's March Update

Ginge’s ear infection seems to have completely cleared up. She’s also adjusted to her new foster home and loves meeting new people, playing, and overall has been extremely friendly to meeting all her foster dad’s friends. She still exhibits some signs of anxiety when being left alone and will whine and has shredded a few […]

Ginger Feb. Update

Ginger’s chronic ear infections have been getting better. The vet gave her some solution/drops to fix her ear infection. “We recently took Ginger to a out door flea market and she was so friendly with strangers. Everyone stopped to pet her and comment on what a beautiful dog she is. We tried to give her […]

Ginger's Update

Ginger is getting better with her anxiety of being alone. For a while now, her foster family has been working with her to be calmer, relaxed, and ok with being left in the house. She was showing some strong signs of separation anxiety because she loves to be around company. For a week she was […]

Update for Ginger

Ginger is doing well and having fun with her foster dad. He told us that she seems to not like car rides and becomes very anxious. He wasn’t able to calm her down or get her to stop shivering. We’re not sure why she got nervous. Maybe she’s not used to being in a car. […]

Ginger Update – 11/02/08

Ginger has a mild ear infection which her foster dad is treating. Overall, she’s doing great and has gained a little weight placing her around 17 lbs. She seems to get anxious now if she knows her foster dad is leaving the house. He’s come up with a few ways to help overcome this issue […]

Update on Ginger

Recently Ginger’s foster dad, Simon, contacted us to tell us what a great dog Ginger has become. He said she’s an extremely sweet dog with an independent streak. She will sleep on the bed with him and snuggle down around between his knees so she’s surrounded on all sides and feels secure. Simon takes Ginger […]

New photos of Ginger

We have wonderful new photos of Ginger in foster care.

August update for Ginger

Ginger is a very loving dog and likes to follow her foster around everywhere. She’s become very trusting and affectionate, but can be aloof at times towards strangers. She doesn’t have a problem with other dogs unless they try to sniff her in which case she will growl at them. She hasn’t been exposed to […]

6/28 Ginger update

Ginger’s foster had this to say: Just wanted to give everyone a quick update. Ginger is doing really well now. She is getting along well with every body who comes over to the house, though she likes to jump on them and lick their face/hands. She isn’t hiding very much any more, though she likes […]

Ginger update

Ginger has not changed much since our last update, but I can say that she is getting more and more calm around strange dogs and is more willing to try and play with the resident dogs. She is such a joy to have around. We have found that she does not care for thunder storms […]

Ginger Update

Ginger is sweet, outgoing and friendly. She loves to cuddle on furniture and play with toys, balls and romp outside. She does not like to be alone. She whimpers and cries when crated, gated or left in a room away from you. She does not bark much. She does shake from time to time when […]

Introducing Ginger

Ginger came to NYCSR on March 29, 2008. She is 24 pound, 7 year old, red female Shiba who was surrendered to us by her owners because her life became very confusing after a new baby joined the family. Foster mom Molly says Ginger is fun loving, funny, out going and sweet. She loves to […]