Lucy and Sketch

Lucy and Sketch aka Diamond are loving their forever home! Michele was able to go visit them a few weeks ago and see these two special dogs.

NYC Shiba Rescue, Inc. Announces That Lucy and Casper are Going Home!

New York, NY – October 11, 2009 – NYC Shiba Rescue, Inc. (NYCSR), a volunteer group dedicated to the rescue of Shiba Inu breed dogs in the NY metropolitan area, today announced the adoption of the cream twins, Lucy Rose and Casper, on October 3, 2009. Lucy and Casper were actually brother and sister for […]

September Update for Lucy

Lucy is doing very well. There has been no sign of her cancer returning. She continues to take some medication to help prevent it from returning. Lucy is due in October for her vaccinations and blood work. She has not lost or gained any weight and her coat continues to be very soft and plush. […]

The Latest News on Lucy

Lucy has really come out of her shell in the past month. According to her foster mom, Michele, she’s become much more spunky and bold. Lucy has also taken to sleeping on the bed at night and is more cuddly and sweet. Sometimes Lucy tenses and can be aggressive with food, but the moment she’s […]

Update on Lucy Rose

Lucy is all healed from her surgery. The oncologist believes the cancer won’t come back, although there is always a slim chance. She prescribed an anti-inflammatory for Lucy to take for 6 months. This will help fight off any cancer inflammation that may pop up. Lucy has become more playful and she is very comfortable […]

Lucy Rose update

Our sweet Lucy Rose had to have a mastectomy last week. The doctor also removed her lymph nodes as a precautionary measure. The biopsy showed that the tumor was cancerous. I have an appt. with the oncologist that the vet referred us to. They believe that they got all of the cancer and that Lucy […]

Introducing Lucy Rose

Say hi to Lucy Rose! She’s about 22lbs, and up to date on vaccinations. We’re not sure how old she is and she is going to get a checkup at the vet very soon. Lucy Rose came to us because her former owners were unable to help her gain the confidence needed to be a […]