Sweet Lil Bee (Weatherbee)

Weatherbee was a stray in Pennsylvania. The shelter that took him in couldn’t adopt him out because their vet believed he was in renal failure. NYCSR found him a home and he was fostered and then quickly adopted. Lil Bee is apparently not in renal failure after all, but he is old (approx 15?) and […]

Dylan In His New Home

As of today, Dylan has been adopted into a FABULOUS Shiba family and renamed Tetsu. Cimon and Jack first contacted us in July 2007. They had two Shibas at the time – Yoshi and Yuki – who had been adopted from NESRA when it was still around. Their third Shiba, Saki, had passed away and […]

NYC Shiba Rescue, Inc. Announces That Buddy and Luna are Going Home!

New York, NY – October 14, 2010 – NYC Shiba Rescue, Inc. (NYCSR), a volunteer group dedicated to the rescue of Shiba Inu breed dogs in the NY metropolitan area, today announced the adoption of two of our very special veteran foster furries, Buddy and Luna, on October 3, 2010. After almost 3 years of […]

Kuna’s Sept Update

Kuna is a very lovable, friendly, loyal dog with such a personality. His foster mom, Sherrie, told us recently that he loves to greet everyone when they come home with a little dance and some funny little noises. He’s doing great and loves his early morning 6:15am walks. In fact, Kuna sits by the front […]

Say Hi To Dylan

Dylan is one of our alumni shibas who has come back to us because his owner is unable to care for him. He is a fun loving dog who first came to us as a young puppy and had lots of energy, lots of curiosity about the world around him, and loved to chew. In […]

Kuna’s June Update

Kuna recently moved to a new foster home that might become his forever home. A few days ago his foster mom, Sherrie, told us that he’s fitting in well and seems very happy. He plays with the other pets, greets everyone when they come home, and is becoming one of the family. He’s even trusted […]

Kuna’s March Update

Kuna’s foster mom gave us an update on how life has been with Kuna these last 8 months. She said he has come a long way since he arrived in their home in July. He was a very fearful dog and had to learn how to trust people. The following is where he is now […]

Buddy enjoying the spring

Buddy is chillin’ in NJ and loving the nice weather. His foster mom, Jenn, sent us a few videos of Buddy walking around with all his friends (her dogs) in the yard. He’s come a long way and we adore him. He’s looking for a forever home, someone who understands his quirks, his fears, and […]

Kuna’s Jan Update

Kuna’s foster family have been working with Kuna to get over his separation anxiety. Recently, they had to leave him alone for a full work day and Kuna was very unhappy. He became upset and they are trying to confine him in a small room away from the other dogs because he has a tendency […]

Our dog Buddy!

Buddy is now part of Jenn’s pack – he has been interacting with her other dogs on a regular basis and likes it. He also now has a thing for car rides and gets extremely excited when Jenn gets ready to go somewhere because he hopes it means he gets to go too. Jenn let […]

Buddy’s moving to a new foster home

Jenn, who has been working with Buddy for many many months, is getting ready for Buddy to move to a new foster home. He has made amazing progress with Jenn, her family, and pack. He learned to trust a little more, didn’t have to be on guard all the time, and began to relax and […]

The lastest news on Kuna

Dennis, Kuna’s foster, let us know that Kuna has improved and adapted to the rules, routines, and household. Kuna likes to meet new people and will lean and cuddle up against them rather quickly for a Shiba. He also is very happy with his foster sister and they play together with no problems. Kuna no […]

Luna’s doing great!

Luna has been improving in her time with June, her foster mom. She is still has a weight issue but the Cushings seems to be under control. Personality wise, June has told us she’s learning new things about Luna. For example: if Luna is in a separate room from her, she lets you know she […]

Update on Kuna

Kuna is improving with being crated but still has some anxiety about being left alone. At night he whines, scratches, and wants to get out of his crate but calms down in about 20 minutes and seems to be ok for the rest of the night and sleeps. He is playful, quiet, and will play […]

Buddy’s Sept update

Buddy is a friendly dog but he has some fear issues, and his foster family has been helping him slowly get through and work out these fears. He’s definitely excited to see new people and meet new dogs and is generally playful and happy, but he still has some problems with being touched. He is […]

An update for Luna

Luna is a sweet and lovable dog. She’s playful and likes to get hugs, pets, and kisses. This summer weather was too hot for her and she didn’t like to be outside in the heat for long walks. June also told us that since Luna is overweight, the humid days and high temperatures really made […]

Buddy’s August Update

Jenn told us that Buddy has an oily coat so he tends to smell more like a dog then most shibas and requires more grooming and bathing than most shibas. Buddy is very good about grooming so it isn’t a big deal or anything to be concerned about. He also is not a food motivated […]

Latest news on Kuna

Kuna is adjusting to his foster home and is still trying to figure out how to act and what behaviors are acceptable. He’s still a bit nervous and sometimes will try to nip if he’s a little startled or unsure what’s going on. However, he doesn’t bit down and it seems to be a fear […]

Luna’s August Update

June, Luna’s foster mom, told us that Luna is a wonderful dog and still as sweet as the day she first met her. Luna is a bit more playful now and will get excited if you sit on the floor with her and pretend to be a dog too. She then tries to play with […]

July update for Buddy

I had the privilege to meet Buddy and spend time at his foster family’s house. He’s so beautiful and happy. Jenn, his foster mom, told us he does seem to have seasonal allergies which leads to his ears being irritated and if not treated or kept clean, it could give him ear infections. He’s been […]