Kuna’s Sept Update

Kuna is a very lovable, friendly, loyal dog with such a personality. His foster mom, Sherrie, told us recently that he loves to greet everyone when they come home with a little dance and some funny little noises. He’s doing great and loves his early morning 6:15am walks. In fact, Kuna sits by the front […]

Kuna’s June Update

Kuna recently moved to a new foster home that might become his forever home. A few days ago his foster mom, Sherrie, told us that he’s fitting in well and seems very happy. He plays with the other pets, greets everyone when they come home, and is becoming one of the family. He’s even trusted […]

Kuna’s March Update

Kuna’s foster mom gave us an update on how life has been with Kuna these last 8 months. She said he has come a long way since he arrived in their home in July. He was a very fearful dog and had to learn how to trust people. The following is where he is now […]

Kuna’s Jan Update

Kuna’s foster family have been working with Kuna to get over his separation anxiety. Recently, they had to leave him alone for a full work day and Kuna was very unhappy. He became upset and they are trying to confine him in a small room away from the other dogs because he has a tendency […]

The lastest news on Kuna

Dennis, Kuna’s foster, let us know that Kuna has improved and adapted to the rules, routines, and household. Kuna likes to meet new people and will lean and cuddle up against them rather quickly for a Shiba. He also is very happy with his foster sister and they play together with no problems. Kuna no […]

Update on Kuna

Kuna is improving with being crated but still has some anxiety about being left alone. At night he whines, scratches, and wants to get out of his crate but calms down in about 20 minutes and seems to be ok for the rest of the night and sleeps. He is playful, quiet, and will play […]

Latest news on Kuna

Kuna is adjusting to his foster home and is still trying to figure out how to act and what behaviors are acceptable. He’s still a bit nervous and sometimes will try to nip if he’s a little startled or unsure what’s going on. However, he doesn’t bit down and it seems to be a fear […]

Say Hi to Kuna!

Kuna is a male shiba who will be 2 yrs old in September. He’s about 22lbs and was on medication for Lyme’s Disease. He didn’t seem to like the meds as they made him feel ill and sometimes gave him an upset stomach. He’s no longer on the medication but needs to be tested in […]