NYC Shiba Rescue, Inc. Announces That Buddy and Luna are Going Home!

New York, NY – October 14, 2010 – NYC Shiba Rescue, Inc. (NYCSR), a volunteer group dedicated to the rescue of Shiba Inu breed dogs in the NY metropolitan area, today announced the adoption of two of our very special veteran foster furries, Buddy and Luna, on October 3, 2010. After almost 3 years of […]

Luna’s doing great!

Luna has been improving in her time with June, her foster mom. She is still has a weight issue but the Cushings seems to be under control. Personality wise, June has told us she’s learning new things about Luna. For example: if Luna is in a separate room from her, she lets you know she […]

An update for Luna

Luna is a sweet and lovable dog. She’s playful and likes to get hugs, pets, and kisses. This summer weather was too hot for her and she didn’t like to be outside in the heat for long walks. June also told us that since Luna is overweight, the humid days and high temperatures really made […]

Luna’s August Update

June, Luna’s foster mom, told us that Luna is a wonderful dog and still as sweet as the day she first met her. Luna is a bit more playful now and will get excited if you sit on the floor with her and pretend to be a dog too. She then tries to play with […]

Luna’s June Update

June, Luna’s foster mom, has told us that lately Luna has been making it a habit to chew on her kitchen chair, table legs, and shoes. Luna tends to do this during the day when June is at work. It sounds like Luna may be bored and finding things to do to occupy her time. […]

Update on Luna

Luna’s foster mom, June, told us that since Luna has started medication for Cushing Disease, that Luna has improved. She is more alert, active, and has begun crate training. She has a beautiful coat and resembles a polar bear. Everyone asks June what kind of dog Luna is and Luna loves to meet new people. […]


Luna’s foster mom recently took a few movies on her camera phone and sent them to us to share. We also recently found out that Luna may have Cushings. It’s a disease where the production of too much cortisone affects certain areas of a dog such as their liver and abdomen. Cortisones relax the ligaments […]

The latest on Luna

Luna went to the vet and had a bladder infection and was on antibiotics for two weeks. But this has not stopped her from urinating in the house. Her foster Mom (June) tried keeping her in the kitchen but she was unhappy. She also walked her a lot but she still had accidents in the […]

Introducing Luna!

Say hi to Luna! She’s about 30 lbs and has a habit of snorting sometimes, maybe it’s how she laughs. Her foster family has told us she’s wonderful, easygoing, and very loving. Luna came to us because they could no longer care for her. She can sometimes still get very excited and play like a […]