NYC Shiba Rescue, Inc. Announces That Buddy and Luna are Going Home!

New York, NY – October 14, 2010 – NYC Shiba Rescue, Inc. (NYCSR), a volunteer group dedicated to the rescue of Shiba Inu breed dogs in the NY metropolitan area, today announced the adoption of two of our very special veteran foster furries, Buddy and Luna, on October 3, 2010. After almost 3 years of […]

Buddy enjoying the spring

Buddy is chillin’ in NJ and loving the nice weather. His foster mom, Jenn, sent us a few videos of Buddy walking around with all his friends (her dogs) in the yard. He’s come a long way and we adore him. He’s looking for a forever home, someone who understands his quirks, his fears, and […]

Our dog Buddy!

Buddy is now part of Jenn’s pack – he has been interacting with her other dogs on a regular basis and likes it. He also now has a thing for car rides and gets extremely excited when Jenn gets ready to go somewhere because he hopes it means he gets to go too. Jenn let […]

Buddy’s moving to a new foster home

Jenn, who has been working with Buddy for many many months, is getting ready for Buddy to move to a new foster home. He has made amazing progress with Jenn, her family, and pack. He learned to trust a little more, didn’t have to be on guard all the time, and began to relax and […]

Buddy’s Sept update

Buddy is a friendly dog but he has some fear issues, and his foster family has been helping him slowly get through and work out these fears. He’s definitely excited to see new people and meet new dogs and is generally playful and happy, but he still has some problems with being touched. He is […]

Buddy’s August Update

Jenn told us that Buddy has an oily coat so he tends to smell more like a dog then most shibas and requires more grooming and bathing than most shibas. Buddy is very good about grooming so it isn’t a big deal or anything to be concerned about. He also is not a food motivated […]

July update for Buddy

I had the privilege to meet Buddy and spend time at his foster family’s house. He’s so beautiful and happy. Jenn, his foster mom, told us he does seem to have seasonal allergies which leads to his ears being irritated and if not treated or kept clean, it could give him ear infections. He’s been […]

Buddy Pics

Buddy has been doing very very well with his foster family and canine friends. Jenn sent us a few photos of Buddy hanging out with her dog, Syd.

Buddy’s Update

Buddy is doing very well. His coat has come in beautifully. All things are pretty much the same with Buddy except that he was recently groomed and the groomer said he was a perfect gentleman. Although we wouldn’t recommend it, the groomer said she was able to completely groom him without a muzzle. In the […]

Buddy's Update for April

Recently, Jenn, Buddy’s foster, discovered that Buddy has had a least one seizure (petit mal). We think he may have experienced others and according to his previous foster he had at least 2 similar episodes in her care. Buddy also appears to have allergies, but not very bad. He also has an irritated ear, but […]

Buddy's update

Buddy has been shedding quite a bit these last few weeks and his foster mom, Jenn, believes she could have made a whole new dog out of the fur she brushed off him. He looks thinner now from losing all that fur and she’s been giving some him some extra vitamins and salmon oil to […]

Buddy's Latest Photo Shoot!

Buddy has been living with a new foster for about a month or so and he’s adjusted and having fun. He seems to need a calm household with good routines and order in place to help him understand where he fits in and what “ranking” he has. So far, we’ve heard great strides have been […]

The dog formerly known as Meiko

Meiko is now Buddy. We changed Meiko’s name to Buddy to help him forget his previous negative behaviors. Buddy has moved into his new foster home where he is receiving training through the generous help of Canine Companions to learn how to behave appropriately in a humane world. So far, Buddy is doing very well. […]

Meiko Update November

Meiko has dropped a little weight and his fur is getting softer. When he gets excited he shakes his head and his foster mom thought maybe he had something wrong with his ears, but she didn’t see anything. It just seems he likes to make himself dizzy. Meiko still has a very strong personality, he […]

Meiko's update 10/13

Meiko has been slowly coming around and as his foster mom, Molly, reports: Meiko has had a few breakthroughs these last few weeks. I can now pick him up under careful circumstances. He is now safely excepting petting from strangers without trying to snap. He will now play with me on a regular basis and […]

September update for Meiko

Although Meiko’s original posting states he is 25 lbs., I believe that was slightly incorrect because he is actually 35 lbs. and a little fat, but he is slowly losing weight. He has stiff back legs and his vet records indicate he has had patella issues. This may have hindered his exercising and may be […]

Introducing Meiko

Meiko is a 3 yr old neutered male who is up to date with vaccines. He is not housebroken and is learning how to go outside at his new foster home. He came to us because his owners could no longer keep him. He lost his dad a few months ago. Meiko has been surrounded […]