Happy Holidays from Gary

Gary was adopted in 2011 and went to see Santa. He wishes all of you and all of our shibas a happy holidays and hopes their Christmas wishes come true!

Alumni Shiba – Gary

We recently received a bunch of pictures of Gary with his furever family. He’s become the love of their life. He’s having a lot of great adventures and receiving a ton of love. We’re very happy and love these happy tails.

Update for Remi!!

Sir Remington has just turned 14 months old and met with his cardiologist for his 1 year echo-cardiogram. The test reflects that the hole in Remi’s heart is still there, but it has not increased in size. His heart is very strong which is evident by the amount of love that he has for his […]

Update for Kobe San

Kobe San has come a long way since coming into foster care with NYCSR. His foster Mom says that Kobe San has successfully graduated from a slip collar to a harness. He was not liking the harness at first and would run and hide, but with treats and reassurance, Kobe San is now comfortable in […]

September update for Kobe

Kobe is doing very well since arriving at his new foster home. He’s settled in quite nicely and is a ball of energy. He is a little shy at first, but goes to people a little quicker now. Kobe seems to love young children though not exposed to them a lot. Kobe has found his […]

August Update for Remington!

Remington has truly grown up to be a big boy. At 13 months, Remi is tall for a Shiba standing about 19.5″ at his withers and weighs 34.5 pounds. Over the past year, Remi has had his share of health issues, but he never let them stop him. He has been diagnosed with Diabetes Insipidus, […]

Introducing Kobe San!

Kobe San is a 9 yr old male who came to us because his owner moved into a retirement home that did not allow pets. He’s a shy boy with a mild disposition. He likes being around people and attention he just needs a few minutes to warm up. Kobe San sometimes liked to dig […]

Introducing Toby!

Toby is 4 years old and spent most of his day tied outside before he came to NYCSR. Now he’s inside and adjusting well to his foster home. He is now crated at night and doing well. His former owner lost her job and wasn’t able to keep him. Toby can be aloof and takes […]

Introducing Kobe

Kobe is an 8 month old, red and white male whose former owners moved and were unable to take him with them. He’s a good pup with a lot of energy. His current foster, Louis, has told us that Kobe is curiously afraid of new things. He will explore with caution and sniff and check […]

Introducing Cooper

Cooper is 3 years old and came to us because his former owners are moving and could not take him, but they want to find him a great new home. He’s a curious, playful, and happy little guy who loves to play fetch with his squeaky toys. He’s good with children and adults, curious about […]

Inquisitive, Adorable Bailey

Bailey’s foster family loves him very much.  He has settled in nicely and has shown himself to be a smart little boy.  Bailey is friendly, energetic and curious.  Sometimes, he’s too curious and will bolt out the door if given half a chance.  His foster family says he is getting calmer as time goes on, […]

June Update for Remi

Remi is growing up! He’ll be 1 yr old in July and has been having so much fun in his foster home. Since his birthday is coming around, this means he’ll be going for a follow up appt to see how his hole in his heart is and what sort of course of treatment he […]

Introducing Taki

Taki is a friendly, 2 yr old male shiba who found himself in the care of the Manhattan ACC. It seems he was once in a home and is healthy, well-cared for, but was never claimed at the Manhattan Animal Care and Control facility. His foster mom, Emily, said Taki “listens great and is very […]

Neeko’s May Update

Neeko went to vet earlier this month due to allergies and has been on medicine. He’s doing better but now the side effect is that he pees a lot more so his water intake is somewhat limited to cut down on accidents. Neeko had red eyes and was scratching a lot so he had to […]

Update for Nobu

Nobu is doing great in his foster home. He’s affectionate with his foster family and gives little doggie kisses. When Joe or Lauren come home Nobu talks a little like he’s greeting them and saying hi! He likes to relax with them in the same room but sometimes also will go off and take a […]

Introducing Nobu

Nobu is a 4 yr old sesame, male shiba who needs a new home. He is a sweet boy who likes to play with toys, is housebroken, and can be trusted alone in the house. However, he needs to be the only dog in the house. Nobu is great with adults but plays too rough […]

Update for Thunder

Thunder weighs 31 lbs and is a healthy dog. His foster dad, Kenneth, let us know that Thunder is an adorable, loving boy who is slowly coming out of his shell and becoming more and more comfortable around him. Thunder likes to be scratched around his neck and chest and get belly rubs. If Kenneth […]

Sir Remington is growing up!

All in all, Remi is doing very well.  He has grown a bunch and at less than 9 months old he is tall and about 23 pounds.  Remi is very active and loves playing with his foster brothers and sisters and his best friend, the family Wheaton Terrier.  The heart mumur (hole in his heart) […]

Introducing Thunder!

Thunder is a male shiba who is 4 yrs old and hails from Brooklyn. He was at the Brooklyn ACC and was very happy when he met our evaluator at the shelter. At first, he was nervous and shaking when he met our evaluator and soon to be new foster mom, but after a few […]

Quick Update for Bailey

Bailey doesn’t care what’s on tv. He’s too busy playing with his foster buddy, Kumi. His foster family told us he’s doing great and loves his foster home, which, if everything goes well, may become his forever home! We’re so happy to see Bailey playing and happy.