Neeko’s May Update

Neeko went to vet earlier this month due to allergies and has been on medicine. He’s doing better but now the side effect is that he pees a lot more so his water intake is somewhat limited to cut down on accidents. Neeko had red eyes and was scratching a lot so he had to […]

Update for Neeko!

Christine, Neeko’s foster mom, told us that he’s a little nervous of the big city and all the people, noise, and hustle and bustle. But he’s also intrigued and curious about all the smells, strangers he meets, and things he walks by. All in all, he is adjusting and doing well. Neeko also listens well […]

Welcome Neeko!

Neeko is very friendly dog. At his evaluation, he would not leave the evaluator’s side. He would lay across her legs, lick her hands, ask for belly rubs etc. He knows several commands sit, lay down, circle!! He was very good with the family’s 2 children (baby and ~3 year old). This issue with Neeko […]