Update for Remi!!

Sir Remington has just turned 14 months old and met with his cardiologist for his 1 year echo-cardiogram. The test reflects that the hole in Remi’s heart is still there, but it has not increased in size. His heart is very strong which is evident by the amount of love that he has for his […]

August Update for Remington!

Remington has truly grown up to be a big boy. At 13 months, Remi is tall for a Shiba standing about 19.5″ at his withers and weighs 34.5 pounds. Over the past year, Remi has had his share of health issues, but he never let them stop him. He has been diagnosed with Diabetes Insipidus, […]

June Update for Remi

Remi is growing up! He’ll be 1 yr old in July and has been having so much fun in his foster home. Since his birthday is coming around, this means he’ll be going for a follow up appt to see how his hole in his heart is and what sort of course of treatment he […]

Sir Remington is growing up!

All in all, Remi is doing very well.  He has grown a bunch and at less than 9 months old he is tall and about 23 pounds.  Remi is very active and loves playing with his foster brothers and sisters and his best friend, the family Wheaton Terrier.  The heart mumur (hole in his heart) […]

Remi’s February Update

Remi is having a ball living with 7 other dogs and his foster mom and dad. He’s now weighing in around 20lbs and still has his puppy coat but he’s growing and learning new tricks everyday. It seems Remi may have a sensitive stomach so he has been eating Versus Puppy and likes it. He […]

Remi and all his puppy love!

Don’t tell Remi that he has any defect with his heart because he won’t believe you. Remi is a VERY active 5 1/2 month old puppy. He LOVES playing with his 7 foster brothers and sisters and would really thrive in a home with at least one other dog that is very tolerant of Remi’s […]

Remi’s Visit With The Cardiologist

Little Remington was seen by a cardiologist. His heart murmur is being caused by a small hole in his heart between the left ventrical (lower chamber – major pumper of blood to the aorta) and the right atrium (upper chamber). The condition is called VSD (intraventicular septal defect). It is a congenital defect. The good […]

Introducing Remi

Remi is a 3 1/2 month old black and tan shiba puppy. Remi was purchased from a pet store and upon visiting a vet was diagnosed with a bilateral heart murmur. The original owner brought Remi back to the pet store with this news about his health and was able to receive a refund. However, […]