Farewell to Kashi

One of our 2011 foster dogs, Kashi was a friendly, happy girl who loved to cuddle, meet people and chase the beam from a flashlight. Jaw cancer took her much too soon from her loving adoptive family.

Alumni Update for Emi (FKA Goo Goo)

An update for Emi, formerly named Goo Goo, one of our alumni shibas from the NJ-22 group.

Alumni Updates for Nami, Ginger, and Gigi

Michele and Steve, two of our NYCSR volunteers, recently told us how their pups have been doing. They adopted 3 from NYCSR and have 2 other inus. It’s a furry furry loving house! Nami was our first foster for NYCSR back in June of 2007. He’s come a long way from his scared, skittish days. […]

Funds Needed for Our 10 of the NJ 22

Most of our supporters, donors and volunteers have been reading all about the NJ 22. On October 12 of this year, NYCSR aided in the rescue of 22 Shiba Inu from a hoarding situation in NJ. Ten of those 22 Shibas came into foster care with NYCSR. Our first post about the rescue is here. […]

Snow White’s Thanksgiving Update

Snow White is now 17 lbs and is improving day by day with learning to be housebroken. Her foster family told us that she’s become a very energetic, playful, and sweet girl in the time they have had her and she’s opened up. When she’s goes for walks she gets very happy and loves it […]

Introducing Dakota

Dakota is a 1 year old, tri-color, female shiba who is from the NJ 22 gang. She’s won over her foster family and is on her way to having a forever home! Sometimes it just happens. Our fosters fall for their shibas and keep them. It’s hard to resist and Dakota is a sweetheart. She’s […]

Introducing Kissy

Meet our darling tri-colored female Shiba named Kissy!

Introducing Goo Goo

A quick introduction to an adorable, young female Shiba named Goo Goo.

Introducing Snow White

Snow white is a cute, silly, 5 month old female cream shiba who is affectionate, curious, and is having a ball playing with her foster brother who is also a shiba. She was born in June and weighs about 12 lbs. Her foster family has told us that Snow White is friendly with everyone and […]

Introducing NYCSR’s 10 of the “NJ 22”

Read the story and see photos of the rescue of the “NJ 22” Shiba Inu.

Update for Cleo

Cleo’s foster parents let us know that she’s doing great and no longer cries or barks when left alone. She’s used to her crate and it seems her separation anxiety has diminished. The one small concern they have is that she seems to be very itchy and may have a small skin allergy developing. However, […]

Connie update

Here is a wonderful update from Connie’s foster family: We spent part of Saturday a couple of weeks ago in New Jersey and Connie had a great time running around in the fenced garden and playing fetch. We gave her a bath, and she didn’t mind at all – even waiting until we’d stepped away […]

Introducing Cleo

Cleo is a 1 yr old female shiba who came to us from a veterinary clinic in Staten Island. She’s a friendly, cuddly girl who is curious of the world around her and likes to play. She’s good with dogs on the street she’s met and at the dog park. When Cleo is home in […]

Update for Missy (now Dixie)

Missy has been having fun with her foster family. We’ve been told that she’s sweet and playful and likes to run around the yard. Missy is also getting along really well with the other dogs in the house. Missy didn’t respond to her name so her foster tried a few other names that rhymed with […]

Introducing Connie

Connie is a sweet 5 yr old girl who loves being petted. She was in a shelter before coming to us and weighs about 25 lbs. While she was at the shelter she was shy towards staff but definitely friendly. She gives kisses and likes to play fetch with a tennis ball. Connie has some […]

Gigi finally had her surgery!

  Thanks to all of the kind, generous people who donated toward Gigi’s surgery for her luxating patella, she is now recovering nicely and looking forward to a future free from pain.  Gigi’s surgery went very well.  There are up to four steps in Gigi’s luxating patella surgery and fortunately, her patella could be fixed with only […]


Here’s a short video of Maizee being cute… as usual.

Update for Summer

Summer has been doing well in her foster home. She’s allowing people to approach her on the street and when people come to visit her foster’s home she takes her time getting to know them. She warms up to new people about an hour after meeting them as long as they know to let her […]

Introducing Missy!

Missy is 3-4 yrs old female that was found as a stray. She is a tiny little girl weighing in at just under 15 lbs. She has only been with us for a couple days but is incredibly sweet with the humans she has met so far, and loves getting butt rubs. We aren’t sure […]

Spunky Maizee

Maizee is becoming more and more confident, happy and playful.  She loves to run and wrestle with her foster family before her morning walk.  While she’s out and about, Maizee is a little aloof with people she doesn’t know but once she warms up to them, she’s loving and playful.  Maizee is also doing well with relaxed, non-aggressive […]