Funds Needed for Our 10 of the NJ 22

Most of our supporters, donors and volunteers have been reading all about the NJ 22. On October 12 of this year, NYCSR aided in the rescue of 22 Shiba Inu from a hoarding situation in NJ. Ten of those 22 Shibas came into foster care with NYCSR. Our first post about the rescue is here. […]

Introducing Dakota

Dakota is a 1 year old, tri-color, female shiba who is from the NJ 22 gang. She’s won over her foster family and is on her way to having a forever home! Sometimes it just happens. Our fosters fall for their shibas and keep them. It’s hard to resist and Dakota is a sweetheart. She’s […]

Introducing NYCSR’s 10 of the “NJ 22”

Read the story and see photos of the rescue of the “NJ 22” Shiba Inu.