Alumni Updates for Nami, Ginger, and Gigi

Michele and Steve, two of our NYCSR volunteers, recently told us how their pups have been doing. They adopted 3 from NYCSR and have 2 other inus. It’s a furry furry loving house! Nami was our first foster for NYCSR back in June of 2007. He’s come a long way from his scared, skittish days. […]

Gigi finally had her surgery!

  Thanks to all of the kind, generous people who donated toward Gigi’s surgery for her luxating patella, she is now recovering nicely and looking forward to a future free from pain.  Gigi’s surgery went very well.  There are up to four steps in Gigi’s luxating patella surgery and fortunately, her patella could be fixed with only […]

Gigi’s July Update

Gigi is still in need of her surgery. We’re hoping to be able to raise enough funds to cover the surgery and post-surgery, but from what Michele and Steve tell us, Gigi runs around the yard, jumps on the bed, and plays with the inus with no major problems. Gigi doesn’t know she needs surgery. […]

Gigi Continues to Develop Confidence

   Gigi still has so much to learn about the world around her.  So many things that other dogs experience during their lives are very new to her because she came from a puppy mill with very limited exposure to the world around her.  In addition, she grew up with luxating patellas, which caused her […]

Tabby and Gigi

Quick update: Michele and Steve sent us this video of Tabby hanging out in their backyard. Gigi, our other NYCSR foster is also in the video making a small cameo appearance!

Gigi’s May Update

Spring is here and Gigi is loving the sunshine. She’s starting to shed and likes being outside sniffing the air. Michele and Steve told us that Gigi is spunky in the morning and becomes very playful. Sometimes Gigi has teary eyes but it seems to be a reaction to something in the environment. The vet […]

March update for Gigi

Gigi is doing wonderfully in her foster home. Her leg has completely healed from her surgery and she is running and playing with her foster brother’s and sister quite nicely. They all get along well and coexist together. Gigi loves to play with other dogs. She’s still a little timid around her foster parents, but […]

Quick Update for Gigi

Michele and Steve have been watching Gigi adjust and become more comfortable in her foster home. We asked how she was progressing and what have observed. Michele told us that Gigi is still not completely comfortable around people. Gigi spent time in a shelter and is from a puppy mill. The human interaction that she […]

Introducing Gigi!

Gigi is a beautiful shy 6 yr old shiba who is adjusting to life with her new foster family, Michele and Steve. She was rescued from a puppy mill and taken great care of at ARF in Wainscott before coming into our foster care. She is extremely shy and timid and just likes to hide […]