Here’s a short video of Maizee being cute… as usual.

Spunky Maizee

Maizee is becoming more and more confident, happy and playful.  She loves to run and wrestle with her foster family before her morning walk.  While she’s out and about, Maizee is a little aloof with people she doesn’t know but once she warms up to them, she’s loving and playful.  Maizee is also doing well with relaxed, non-aggressive […]

Maizee’s Wonderful Holiday Weekend

  Maizee is a very lucky girl.  She got to go away for the Memorial Day weekend.  She enjoyed every minute of her little vacation!   The car ride gave Maizee plenty of opportunity to watch the world go by from the car window.  She even got to take a boat ride and say hello […]

Update for Maizee

Maizee’s adjusting well to her foster home and has become incredibly affectionate since coming out of her shell. She loves to be pet and will sit on the couch with her foster mom and watch tv with her. Maizee likes to know what’s going on and follows Peyton from room to room and has figured […]

Maizee is doing wonderfully in her foster home!

Maizee has adjusted well and sleeps in her crate. When morning comes, Maizee greets her foster mom with a wagging tail waiting to be let out of the crate and out for a walk. Maizee is still a little unsure of the world around her and will hide behind Peyton, her foster mom. But she […]

Introducing Maizee!

Maizee is a 2 year old black and tan female that was found abandoned with her puppies in the back yard of a vacant home in New Jersey. The puppies and her were brought to an animal clinic where they were cared for, vaccinated, and given lots of TLC. The puppies are healthy now and […]