Saffron in the Sun

Saffron is having a nice, relaxing summer.  Unfortunately, her foster family has been very busy with work these past few weeks so she hasn’t been out and about as much as she’d like.  Saffron is a smart girl and knows how to make good use of her time.  She knows she has to rest up […]

Saffron in the Spring

Saffron is thoroughly enjoying springtime.  Now that the weather is getting nicer, Saffron goes on Shiba meet up hikes to improve her social skills. She really enjoys the hikes.  Saffron is slowly becoming calmer and less aggressive around other dogs.  She used to react negatively when another dog came within about five feet of her.  […]

Saffron’s March Update

Cindy, Saffron’s foster mom, gave us an update on how things are progressing and what she’s learned about Saffron in the last few months. She told us that Saffron is a sweet, kissy, and sometimes a little protective with her and the family. She imagines that Saffron might be a protective dog when she finds […]

Update on Saffron!

Like many of us, Saffron’s opportunities to socialize have been diminished by the winter weather. She’s still having a lot of fun playing in the snow. Saffron enjoys running around for a while, but she’s very happy to come back into the nice, warm house for a treat and a rest. Her favorite special treat […]

Quick Update for Saffron

Saffron is doing great in her foster home! We have a video and a few pics of Saffron to share. Saffron also helped her foster mom decorate for Christmas and was tuckered out afterwards. She needed a nap after running up and down the stairs and watching to make sure the house looked just right! […]


Saffron is going trick or treating and wanted us to show you her costume!

Introducing Saffron

Saffron is a sweet, energetic 9 year old Shiba Inu mix. She was surrendered to an animal shelter because her owners were moving to an apartment that did not allow dogs. Saffron loves people. She greeted us with big tail wags and play bows on her first morning in our home. Saffron is very inquisitive […]