Alumni Update: Takeshi

Takeshi’s new family sent us an email recently about how things have been since he joined them. They survived the power outage from the storm in November, but Takeshi didn’t like it too much. They had to take the stairs up to their apartment since the elevator was out to the 9th floor. The dog […]

Logan’s September Update

Logan is a very sweet Shiba with a puppy-like disposition. He is very curious and will pull you all around the neighborhood on walks so that he can sniff everything. He enjoys meeting new people and trying to play with cats!

September Update for Takeshi

Takeshi is adjusting well to his foster home. He’s friendly, affectionate, and vocal. When he first meets a new person in the house, he barks but after a few minutes he nudges them and bugs them to give him some love. Takeshi also barks when he’s excited or has to go out. His foster family […]

Introducing Takeshi!

Takeshi is a very friendly and inquisitive 1 yr old male Shiba who is looking for his forever home. He lived with another dog and a young child before coming to us. He’s used to a family and is a very cuddly, fuzzy guy. He likes to play fetch and is crate trained. From what […]

Introducing Logan!

Logan who is 1 1/2 yrs is our newest foster and was found as a stray in an empty building. He was taken to Morris Animal Refuge in Philadelphia PA. He likes to snuggle and give kisses and seems to like being around people. The shelter staff noticed that Logan shows hesitation when meeting men. […]

Introducing Max

Meet Max, our newest foster Shiba. At just two years old, he is a well mannered pup at home though learning to explore the world outside his foster home with contained excitement. His young energy keeps his foster family busy but he makes up for it by cuddling with his foster mom.

Update for Rounder / Henry

Rounder’s foster mom let us know that he’s doing VERY well in their new home. They moved recently to some new digs. He’s adjusted to being called Henry and seems to like his new name a lot as well as his new life. Henry runs around the backyard and trots down the stairs and around […]

Introducing Bronx

Bronx is a 7 month old red sesame Shiba. He is extremely sweet and playful. He knows the sit command but is still learning other commands and proper leash walking. He has been well socialized with other animals and enjoys playing and meeting other dogs as well as humans! He gives lots of kisses and […]

Alumni Update for Freddie (FKA Freckles)

An alumni update for Freddie, a former foster Shiba under the name of Freckles from the NJ-22 group. He is thriving in his new forever home and his owners have provided a wonderful update and photos of Freddie in his new home!

Introducing Shigure

Shigure is a 2 year old sesame Shiba who was found as a stray in Maryland. When he came into NYCSR’s care, he had kennel cough and his left rear leg was broken in two places. Despite being in pain, Shigure is a very sweet boy who gives kisses and loves attention. He is a […]

Introducing Jack

Jack came into our care several days ago, he’s estimated to be about 3 to 4 years old and is a young Pinto Shiba. He was found as a stray in Philidelphia, was picked up by animal control, and has since come into NYCSR. He has an injury to his right rear leg and he […]

Poe’s March Update

Poe is having a great time with his foster family. He’s started to shed (blow coat) and it’s still a shiny, beautiful coat. Pretty soon Poe will be going to the vet. He has a lump on his stomach that needs to be looked at to see if it’s anything to be concerned abut. Poe’s […]

A March Update For Brian

Brian has become even more friendly during the time he’s been in his foster home. His level of affection has increased and his foster dad, Roy, told us that Brian likes to hang out on the couch with him. Brian still has a great coat of fur, eating well, and is learning commands. He knows […]

Introducing Poe

Poe is a 4 year old male who is looking for a special loving new home. He came to us because his former owners could no longer care for him. Poe is on medication for a seizure condition and it is working well. Poe seems to like people but needs a few minutes to warm […]

January update for Henry aka Rounder

Rounder aka Henry is doing very well. He’s trusting his foster family more and more as the days pass and has even allowed his family to pick him up! He was a little unsure of it but allowed it without protesting. It’s great to hear that Henry is adjusting. He still likes to rip paper […]

Smokey’s January Update

Smokey is having a great time at his foster home with foster siblings and mom, Jenna. He’s in great shape and his fur and skin have improved radically. He’s adorable and loves being snuggled. When Smokey wants attention and some affection, he will hop up and ask for it with a look on his face […]

Musashi’s December Update

Musashi has won over the hearts if his foster family and will soon be adopted! We are thrilled. They are working with Musashi to help him lose some weight since he’s about 32 lbs and could slim down some. His stitches were removed from surgery and his ear mites are now gone. He’s getting healthier […]

Brian’s December Update

Update on our very happy Shiba named Brian. This little Shiba is thriving in his foster home. He loves his long walks with his foster dad and is more than willing to let you know when he wants attention!

December Update for Henry AKA Rounder

Rounder has been named Henry and responds better to it. So from here on out, he’s Henry. Henry’s foster mom, Mandy, told us that he’s been doing well. His fur is all fluffy, thick, and the bald spot he had is now gone. He’s also warmed up quite a bit to her. Henry has become […]

Smokey’s December Update

Update on our wooly one year old Shiba named Smokey. He’s thriving in his foster home and is almost ready for his forever home!