Update for Rounder / Henry

Rounder’s foster mom let us know that he’s doing VERY well in their new home. They moved recently to some new digs. He’s adjusted to being called Henry and seems to like his new name a lot as well as his new life. Henry runs around the backyard and trots down the stairs and around […]

January update for Henry aka Rounder

Rounder aka Henry is doing very well. He’s trusting his foster family more and more as the days pass and has even allowed his family to pick him up! He was a little unsure of it but allowed it without protesting. It’s great to hear that Henry is adjusting. He still likes to rip paper […]

December Update for Henry AKA Rounder

Rounder has been named Henry and responds better to it. So from here on out, he’s Henry. Henry’s foster mom, Mandy, told us that he’s been doing well. His fur is all fluffy, thick, and the bald spot he had is now gone. He’s also warmed up quite a bit to her. Henry has become […]

Could Your New Family Member Be In This List?

Are you looking for a new Shiba companion? Check out these foster dogs for whom we are currently accepting adoption applications! Nicky – Nicky is a red female, 10 years old. She’s very shy but very loving and would do great in a home looking for a loving companion. Like most Shibas, Nicky is a […]

October Update for Rounder aka Henry

Rounder recently woofed at his foster family and us that he prefers the name Henry. He said it is more dignified and doesn’t make him self-conscious that he might end up a chubby shiba. At the moment he weighs in at 27lbs and is looking great! Henry has been living with another dog and has […]

Introducing Rounder

Rounder is a 2 yr old, 24.5 lb. male who was picked up as a stray in MA. He had a loss of fur due to fleabite dermatitis, but his fur is growing back nicely and he’s slowly gaining some weight back since being found. Rounder recently moved to his permanent foster home and seems […]