Introducing Roxie

Roxie will be 1 year old on January 8, 2013 and she has one birthday wish: to find a forever home. Roxie came to us from a good home where she was crate-trained, loved, and had a lot of fun but the older dog in the house did not like having a young puppy romping […]

Update for Persephone

We got a wonderful update on how Persephone is doing from her foster family: Persephone is really affectionate now that she’s been with us for a while. She loves sleeping next to us and will even sit on your lap if you put her there (usually, it sometimes depends on her mood!) She is still […]

Sophie’s November Update

There have been many supporters of our rescue looking to adopt Sophie and we want to give you an update! She is currently going through our mandatory 14 day evaluation period and is thriving under their care! She also needs to visit the vet to make sure that she is healthy, spayed, and current on […]

Introducing Sophie

Meet 2 yr old Sophie! She was a stray who was found by a shelter in Pennsylvania. When the shelter contacted the owners, they released her to shelter. She is said to have lived with a family that had children. Sophie is sweet, friendly and extremely active and would love to have the chance to […]

Persephone’s Update

Persephone is doing well but she had to start taking Temaril again due to some itching that her fosters noticed recently. It seems she may have allergies. Her skin and coat look a lot better since she’s started the medication and has stopped scratching and licking/chewing her paws. Her foster family says that she’s so […]

Introducing Callie

Say hello to Callie, a beautiful 16 lbs, 2 year old female, who is being fostered by Michele and Steve. She’s a loving and friendly dog who has adjusted very well to her foster home, which came with several other dogs for her to play with. Callie is curious, good with children, and friendly with […]

August Update for Nicky

Nicky has been doing great. She’s very affectionate, loves her foster family, and is playful but also very laid back. Her foster family told us Nicky is often a sleepy dog and likes to settle down on a soft bed or place around the house to catch a nap. Nicky still doesn’t care for other […]

Persephone’s July Update

Persephone has made an incredible amount of progress in just one month! With her medical issues behind her, Persephone’s true personality has emerged and she is more beautiful than ever before.

Alumni Update for Remy

A short and sweet update for our alumnus Remy!

Persephone’s June Update

A fantastic June update for our petite goddess Shiba named Persephone.

Introducing Persephone

Say hello to this very sweet 10 year old girl named Persephone! She will be celebrating her birthday this July. Persephone was an owner surrender left at the Brooklyn AC&C due to food and environmental allergies. She’s got a good amount of fur loss in her back legs, rump and belly do to being severely […]

Alumni Update for Asia

Asia’s forever home sent us a small update and a pic of her from Easter: Asia is doing very well and she is the reason I smile every day! …she is the most loving dog I have ever met and I am so grateful to you and your organization for bringing her into my life. […]

Nicky’s March Update

Nicky is healing from her spay very nicely. She’s still wearing her e-collar to prevent her from biting and nibbling her belly and the spay area. Her foster mom, Esther, told us that Nicky has started showing some new behaviors and a few new shiba sounds, grunts, etc. She is doing well and has periods […]

Remy’s February Update

Remy has been doing great and has settled in quickly as one of the family. She has the heart of a lion and likes being scooped up into her foster mom’s lap for cuddles in front of the TV. Remy has discovered the dog park and is a huge fan of running free and playing […]

Nicky’s February Update

Just a quick update for Nicky!

Asia’s November Update

Our November update for our sweet 3 year old tri-colored Shiba named Asia. She is a wonderful dog and is showing many unique qualities as she becomes more comfortable with her foster family.

Funds Needed for Our 10 of the NJ 22

Most of our supporters, donors and volunteers have been reading all about the NJ 22. On October 12 of this year, NYCSR aided in the rescue of 22 Shiba Inu from a hoarding situation in NJ. Ten of those 22 Shibas came into foster care with NYCSR. Our first post about the rescue is here. […]

Could Your New Family Member Be In This List?

Are you looking for a new Shiba companion? Check out these foster dogs for whom we are currently accepting adoption applications! Nicky – Nicky is a red female, 10 years old. She’s very shy but very loving and would do great in a home looking for a loving companion. Like most Shibas, Nicky is a […]

Introducing Remy

This is Remy, our newest foster who is 5 1/2 yrs old. Remy found herself needing a new home when the owner moved and was only allowed 1 of her 3 dogs. Besides living with 2 other dogs, Remy lived with children and has lived with 2 cats. She’s a high energy girl and is […]

Nicky’s November Update

Nicky is still on a diet to shed a few pounds and she is going to be spayed later this month. She’s had an infection which seems to be gone now after a round of antibiotics. Nicky also has been eating her food with some chicken broth to make sure she is taking in enough […]