Sept Update for Jasmine

Jazzy finished her scheduled therapy session back in the beginning of August. Her left rear patella has been graded 1 and does not need surgery, but the right leg is still a problem and her foster is monitoring it to see what the ultimate prognosis will be. Jazzy, however, has no idea she has problems […]

Sweet Jasmine

Jasmine continues to be a sweet, affectionate Shiba who is very calm, quiet and demure.  She is able to handle crowds (literally) of adoring people and children with ease and politeness.  She is sometimes a little shy but friendly with all other dogs and she continues to do very well with a cat.  Jasmine looks to […]

Post Surgery Update for Jasmine

It’s been 6 weeks since Jasmine has had her back surgery and she’s been recovering steadily. Her strength, movement, and gait have improved. She’s becoming more balanced and her tail seems to be in its natural curl most of the time. Her foster mom, Leslie, even said that there is fur growing in on the […]

Jasmine’s May Update!

Smiling in the sunshine!  Jasmine is recovering from her back surgery.   She’s not allowed to be very active during her recovery period, but she remains a sweet, loving little girl.   Jasmine has some seasonal allergies.  Her eyes tear a bit and her paws and tail seem to be itchy but overall, she’s doing well.  Jasmine enjoys […]

Jasmine Has Incredible Supporters!

NYCSR volunteer Monica Cawvey – who pulled Jazzy from the shelter on Valentine’s Day – will match the next $1,000 donated to Jasmine’s fund dollar for dollar!

A Letter From Jasmine’s Foster Mom

Get to know our sweet foster dog, Jasmine, through this letter written by her foster mom, Leslie. Leslie explains more about why Jasmine needs our help to live a happy, pain-free life.

Update on Jasmine

Jasmine has been spayed and recovered from the surgery. She’s also gained some weight and has become a snuggly girl who likes to go for walks and likes all the attention her foster mom, Leslie, gives her. Jasmine has been learning to tolerate being crated although she does sit in it and has begun to […]

Welcome Jasmine!

Say Hello to Jasmine! Jasmine is a tiny little girl (only 13lbs.) that was picked up by Philadelphia Animal Control as a stray. When she was brought in she was diagnosed with Pyometra – a disease of the uterus of intact female dogs that if undiagnosed/treated is fatal. Jasmine underwent emergency surgery and NYCSR pulled […]