August Update for Nicky

Nicky has been doing great. She’s very affectionate, loves her foster family, and is playful but also very laid back. Her foster family told us Nicky is often a sleepy dog and likes to settle down on a soft bed or place around the house to catch a nap. Nicky still doesn’t care for other […]

Nicky’s March Update

Nicky is healing from her spay very nicely. She’s still wearing her e-collar to prevent her from biting and nibbling her belly and the spay area. Her foster mom, Esther, told us that Nicky has started showing some new behaviors and a few new shiba sounds, grunts, etc. She is doing well and has periods […]

Nicky’s February Update

Just a quick update for Nicky!

Could Your New Family Member Be In This List?

Are you looking for a new Shiba companion? Check out these foster dogs for whom we are currently accepting adoption applications! Nicky – Nicky is a red female, 10 years old. She’s very shy but very loving and would do great in a home looking for a loving companion. Like most Shibas, Nicky is a […]

Nicky’s November Update

Nicky is still on a diet to shed a few pounds and she is going to be spayed later this month. She’s had an infection which seems to be gone now after a round of antibiotics. Nicky also has been eating her food with some chicken broth to make sure she is taking in enough […]

Nicky September update

Nicky is doing very well and has even lost some weight and her coat has slightly improved. Nicky has possible allergies causing watery eyes and is still a bit overweight. Nicky had an infected nipple that is healing, but is still bothering her a little. Nicky went to see the vet mid August for the […]

August Update for Nicky

Nicky is still losing weight since she’s a bit chubby but she’s doing well with her foster family and has become a much happier dog now that she’s warmed up. Nicky likes to bring them toys when they come home and follows them around to see what they are doing. She also likes to roll […]

Video of Nicky being cute

We just had to share… enjoy 🙂

Introducing Nicky

Nickey is a 10 yr old Shiba who was surrendered to the AC&C. Nickey is a shy dog and has shown some fear and will bark and lunge at strangers. It has taken a little time but she has come to trust her foster family and asks for attention and licks their hands and gives […]