Update for Persephone

We got a wonderful update on how Persephone is doing from her foster family: Persephone is really affectionate now that she’s been with us for a while. She loves sleeping next to us and will even sit on your lap if you put her there (usually, it sometimes depends on her mood!) She is still […]

Persephone’s Update

Persephone is doing well but she had to start taking Temaril again due to some itching that her fosters noticed recently. It seems she may have allergies. Her skin and coat look a lot better since she’s started the medication and has stopped scratching and licking/chewing her paws. Her foster family says that she’s so […]

Persephone’s July Update

Persephone has made an incredible amount of progress in just one month! With her medical issues behind her, Persephone’s true personality has emerged and she is more beautiful than ever before.

Persephone’s June Update

A fantastic June update for our petite goddess Shiba named Persephone.

Introducing Persephone

Say hello to this very sweet 10 year old girl named Persephone! She will be celebrating her birthday this July. Persephone was an owner surrender left at the Brooklyn AC&C due to food and environmental allergies. She’s got a good amount of fur loss in her back legs, rump and belly do to being severely […]