November Update for Vibrant, Silly Sparky

We’ve been very lucky to have a vibrant foster Shiba like Sparky! He is a young black and tan Shiba with lots of energy that he expends during walks and plays frequently with other dogs in the neighborhood dog run.

NYCSR’s Newest Foster Dog, Sparky

Sparky has been in foster care with NYCSR for one week now, and he’s settling right in. He’s approximately five years old, healthy, and very affectionate.

Max’s July Update

Max appears to have some seasonal allergies, but giving him Benadryl seems to alleviate his symptoms. He REALLY enjoys rolling in the grass these days, like it’s his favorite thing in the world, though his foster mom wonders if he’s just trying to alleviate some itching! He’s playful and curious, becoming more and more friendly […]

Guinness’ July Update

Guinness’ leg seems to be getting stronger. He still holds it up when he runs, but uses it when he walks. He is VERY active! Likes to sit on your lap and loves to play with his foster siblings, Dixie and Otter. He is still having accidents in the house, but not as many. He […]

A Brief Update on Ninja

Ninja has been having fun… and we are always glad to hear that our shibas and fosters are having fun together. Although Ninja was on anxiety medication, it seems like it isn’t something he will need to keep taking as long as his routine is active, engaging, and he gets used to the loud noises […]

Introducing Ninja!

Say hello to Ninja, a young male shiba who is 1 yr old but will be turning 2 in September. He was born on Sept 27, 2011. Ninja was surrendered to us because of a change in the family dynamics of his house. He is a lovable boy but needs some time to warm up […]

Latest News on Guiness

Guinness’s leg is still not completely healed after the surgery to correct an old fracture. He is still not using it all the time but doesn’t seem to be in pain. He’s still active and very much a puppy in his behaviors and silliness. He loves people and has become quite a snuggly guy. Guiness […]

An Update On Onyx

Onyx is a happy well adjusted, easy going Shiba who is very happy to be part of the pack. No food, dog, or people aggression issues. He is curious like any Shiba but he understands boundaries and “no”. He is simply a real delight. He jumps on people to greet them, but, he does it […]

Max’s May Update

We wish that a little bit of Max could be mixed into our morning coffees because Max is a big ball of energy who loves to play! He is a young Shiba, approximately 2 years old, so it might be puppy energy but he has been keeping his foster family busy with lots of walks and play times.

Introducing Onyx

Say hello to this handsome Black and Tan boy! Onyx is 2 years old, full of energy, and loves to play with everyone. In true Shiba fashion, Onyx will escape if given the chance. He loves being with other dogs and his humans. So far, he’s doing amazingly well in foster care with his shiba […]

Inuyasha’s April Update

Inuyasha has gained 5 lbs since our last update and he is now 8 months old. By his photos, you can immediately see that he’s still growing puppy and is a very happy and easy going dog. Inuyasha is a fun loving and energetic Shiba puppy who is always trying to find ways to entice […]

Guinness Update 04/15/13

Guinness has been through a lot! We were lucky enough to have two orthopedic surgeons take a look at him. Both were in agreement that the severity of Guinness’ femoral fracture was such that normal pins and wires would not properly repair the break and much more extensive plating would be required. Dr Winkler from […]

April Update For Max

Here is a wonderful update from Max’s foster Mom: If I had to pick one word to describe Max, it would be ‘curious’! He loves sniffing things and checking everything out more than any dog I’ve ever met. He is very interested in all the people we pass on the street. He doesn’t jump up […]

Introducing Todd

This handsome boy is Todd! Todd was a stray found in the Lancaster County, PA woods. Once he was settled in the shelter, the amazing staff there worked with Todd to coax him out of his shell. Understandably, he had become very shy and wary of people. With a lot of attention, kindness and patience, […]

Introducing Skye

Skye is a very handsome two year old male shiba who came to us when his family needed to find him a wonderful new home after a change in their living situation. Skye has lived with other dogs, is housebroken, crate trained and is even an AKC Canine Good Citizen! Skye is most comfortable actually […]

Introducing Guinness (Formerly Known As Fox Boy)

We want to wish a very warm welcome to Guinness! Guinness was introduced to us as ‘Fox Boy’ at the Philly ACCT but has been renamed in honor of Saint Patrick’s Day- his new favorite holiday! He is a 1 year old Shiba boy that was brought into the shelter as a stray. Poor little […]

Introducing Max

Max is a 2 year old cream Shiba that was surrendered to the Manhattan Animal Care & Control Facility after a life outside. Poor boy was super dirty when we pulled him and so scared at first! His foster family has told us that Max is a total sweetheart. He was anxious at first, understandably, […]

Introducing Inuyasha!

Inuyasha is a 6 month old male shiba who is having a lot of fun with his foster family. He’s neutered and up to date with vaccines and is very friendly and playful. Inuyasha likes everyone he has meets and is crate-trained, walks well on a leash, and is curious about the world around him. […]

An update on Jester

Jester has some general allergies, mostly sneezing and eye mucous. Vet prescribed OTC meds to treat daily. Jester is Wonderful! He has really become much more friendly around other dogs. He has started to really enjoy playing with other dogs, especially loves to tumble around with them. He is, as before, wonderful with all humans. […]

Introducing Simba!

Simba is a very handsome 4 year old, cream Shiba. He was surrendered to us shortly before Christmas and he is friendly and likes cats. Simba went to the vet recently and vocalized his disapproval with being examined with a big Shiba scream and probably made the people in the waiting room jump. We know […]