Guinness’ July Update

Guinness’ leg seems to be getting stronger. He still holds it up when he runs, but uses it when he walks. He is VERY active! Likes to sit on your lap and loves to play with his foster siblings, Dixie and Otter. He is still having accidents in the house, but not as many. He […]

Latest News on Guiness

Guinness’s leg is still not completely healed after the surgery to correct an old fracture. He is still not using it all the time but doesn’t seem to be in pain. He’s still active and very much a puppy in his behaviors and silliness. He loves people and has become quite a snuggly guy. Guiness […]

Guinness Update 04/15/13

Guinness has been through a lot! We were lucky enough to have two orthopedic surgeons take a look at him. Both were in agreement that the severity of Guinness’ femoral fracture was such that normal pins and wires would not properly repair the break and much more extensive plating would be required. Dr Winkler from […]

Introducing Guinness (Formerly Known As Fox Boy)

We want to wish a very warm welcome to Guinness! Guinness was introduced to us as ‘Fox Boy’ at the Philly ACCT but has been renamed in honor of Saint Patrick’s Day- his new favorite holiday! He is a 1 year old Shiba boy that was brought into the shelter as a stray. Poor little […]