Nina is Still Adorable

Nina is a super cute, spunky girl who has made a lot of progress on her manners and training since arriving in foster care. Now she just needs to find her forever home!

Nina’s August Update

Nina’s trainer and foster dad are both working with her and she is making impressive progress on her leash walking and manners.

Hana’s July Update

We received a lovely update on Hana from her foster family: Hana is a snuggler who wants to be anywhere you are at all times. She gets underfoot a lot because she is always traveling to be with you wherever you are heading. She will sleep by your side and wake you up with kisses […]

Starlight’s July Update

Starlight was recently spayed and she had some infection, but it has now cleared up and she is doing wonderfully. She is very active and affectionate, she likes to be in the same room as her foster family and wants to play all the time. Starlight is able to be left alone in the apartment, […]

Belle’s July Update

Belle recently went to the vet for a follow up to having her leg amputated. She is doing amazingly well. Belle is very outgoing! She has to be where the action is, even if she has to start it. She is fearless. She does not back down when challenged. Belle’s foster family are working on […]

Nina’s July Update

Nina seems to be shedding a little more lately, but that’s probably because of the heat. She is generally very nice, but she continues to have issues with other dogs and new people. Her foster family is working with a trainer to curb some of her long-standing issues. It seems to be having some impact […]

Nina’s June Update

Nina’s separation anxiety has improved but her aggressiveness toward other dogs hasn’t. She is better at listening to directions while in the house but still needs improvement when outside the home. Nina’s fosters recently moved into a new apartment and she got nervous in the beginning and had a few accidents in the house. However, […]

Introducing Hana!

Hana means Flower. If you meet her you will know why. She’s a very sweet & gentle girl who has a quiet way about her. Hana is about 3 years old, and shy but is warming up to her foster mom more and more each day. She loves to go on walks and visiting the […]

Belle’s May Update

Belle, our sweet little girl, has been doing so well in foster care with her two foster brothers and foster sister- all Shibas! She gets along great with all of them, playing tug of war with toys and having lots of fun. She’s lucky to be in such a fun and loving foster home as […]

Starlight’s April Update

Starlight has been having fun with her foster family and getting healthier. Her skin and dandruff problem seems to have disappeared now that she’s eating better food. This week she gets spayed and we know she’ll be fine. Starlight is a high energy gal with a sweet demeanor. She’s super curious and has a nose […]

Belle Update 04/09/13

Wow what a day… and Belle really handled everything in stride- we couldn’t ask for a sweeter girl though it all. This morning Belle was scheduled for surgery at Red Bank Veterinary. However, after her pre-op exam by the orthopedic specialist, Dr. Winkler, her prognosis was a bit different than previously thought. Meaning good news […]

Introducing Belle

Belle is a beautiful 3 year old little Shiba girl. Weighing in at only 15lbs, she’s a lot of sweetness in a small package. Belle, while on the run, was hit by a car where, luckily, a good samaritan was looking out for her. Belle sustained injuries so we got her to one of our […]

Nina’s March Update

Nina’s foster family continues to work with her on training her to be a well-rounded dog. She still exhibits nervous behavior when she is approached by new people on walks. When she is at home, she will calm down after a few minutes with a new human visitor because she feels that she is in […]

Posie Update 03/04 + Adopt A Senior Month!

Three cheers for Posie! She’s been a busy girl and a traveler! We’re so thrilled to report that she’s been transported to her very own foster home! We wanted to share the results from Posie’s cardiologist appointment. It came with mixed results actually. Her heart murmur has been diagnosed as Chronic Valve Disease (CVD). This […]

Posie Update 02/22

Wow! What a difference some good nutrition, fantastic medical care and lots of love can do! Posie DEFINITELY feels much better. Her ears have perked up significantly, along with her tail! Most importantly she is ACTIVE! Jenn, who went to visit her, was even having a hard time keeping her in the eye of her […]

Posie Update 02/20

Posie is a beautiful blind Shiba Mix that was found on the streets of Philadelphia alone, cold, filthy and barely walking. A Good Samaritan found her and she was taken to the Philly ACCT who, in turn, contacted us. The first thing they said to us about her was how sweet she was and how […]

Introducing Lady!

Lady was found wandering alone in a building in Brooklyn with no one to claim her. NYC AC&C was called and she was then taken to their Brooklyn shelter. She was in need of medical attention- she had a severely enlarged nipple that was hanging quite low off her body. She was clearly in desperate […]

Introducing Posie

Posie is our newest NYCSR foster dog and we are very happy to have her. She is about 8 years old – BLIND – and was found on streets in Philadelphia and taken to the shelter. We don’t know her history and she isn’t going to tell us just yet but, wow, is she a […]

Introducing Zoe

Zoe is a wonderful young Shiba who enjoys long walks and playing fetch. She has adapted well to her new environment in the woods and loves to explore. She shows her affection at home by always accepting belly rubs from her family and let’s them know she is unhappy with baths by being vocal and letting out a loud Shiba scream!

Nina’s January Update

Nina has been bonding deeply with her foster family and is incredibly affectionate towards her foster dad. She has a bountiful amount of energy for what people would consider a “senior” dog and can fool anyone into thinking that she is a puppy! Training Nina to be comfortable around other dogs and animals has been […]