Layla’s November Update

Layla is having a ball with her foster parents and their shibas. She’s also getting a little healthier too. Her foster mom told us that Layla’s fur is getting softer and she is an active and affectionate dog. Layla loves to play and romps around like a puppy, always ready for a game or some […]

An Update On Our Miracle Girl, Layla

Layla was initially discharged from the hospital a few weeks ago and was doing pretty good up until her staples were removed. One of the possible side effects of the original surgery could be periodic vommitting, which Layla had. However, after the staples were removed, Layla would sporadically get weak and refuse to walk. Then […]

Layla – The Foster We Almost Didn’t Get to Introduce

Just 12 short days ago, NYCSR received an email from a veterinary practice in eastern Connecticut. Someone had brought a pregnant Shiba Inu into their office. Her color was very poor and her gums were sticky dry. She was severely dehydrated and extremely weak. They weren’t sure if she would have the strength to deliver […]