Nina is Still Adorable

Nina is a super cute, spunky girl who has made a lot of progress on her manners and training since arriving in foster care. Now she just needs to find her forever home!

Nina’s August Update

Nina’s trainer and foster dad are both working with her and she is making impressive progress on her leash walking and manners.

Nina’s July Update

Nina seems to be shedding a little more lately, but that’s probably because of the heat. She is generally very nice, but she continues to have issues with other dogs and new people. Her foster family is working with a trainer to curb some of her long-standing issues. It seems to be having some impact […]

Nina’s June Update

Nina’s separation anxiety has improved but her aggressiveness toward other dogs hasn’t. She is better at listening to directions while in the house but still needs improvement when outside the home. Nina’s fosters recently moved into a new apartment and she got nervous in the beginning and had a few accidents in the house. However, […]

Nina’s March Update

Nina’s foster family continues to work with her on training her to be a well-rounded dog. She still exhibits nervous behavior when she is approached by new people on walks. When she is at home, she will calm down after a few minutes with a new human visitor because she feels that she is in […]

Nina’s January Update

Nina has been bonding deeply with her foster family and is incredibly affectionate towards her foster dad. She has a bountiful amount of energy for what people would consider a “senior” dog and can fool anyone into thinking that she is a puppy! Training Nina to be comfortable around other dogs and animals has been […]

Nina’s December Update

After a month with Nina, her foster family realized that she has a very strong prey drive and will pounce on any little furry or feathered animals that she can get her paws on. Taking her for walks means that she will sometimes dart and yank on the leash to chase a squirrel. They have […]

Introducing Nina

Say hello to Nina! A very spunky female shiba who is about 9 yrs old who is extremely friendly and grew up in a rural area. Since moving to the big city she’s been a little surprised at all the noises. Her foster dad told us Nina gets startled by the sounds of sirens and […]