An update on Saya

Saya has moved to a new foster home. She is doing very well. She’s very happy-go-lucky and has a lot of love to give. She is still wary of strangers and other dogs but we feel that with time, she will warm up to them. She’s also very goofy, and loves walks. She also loves […]

An October Update for Saya

Tummy rubs, tummy rubs, and more tummy rubs! That’s what Saya has been asking for as she is emerging out of her shy shell. She also loves to engage her foster family in playtime and has been doing very well during walks!

An Update for Saya

Saya’s foster parents have been loving the time Saya has been with them. They told us she’s a great dog who is very smart, curious, and sensitive. She’s a loving dog who is also independent. Saya likes her own personal space but also loves to engage them in playtime. When they come home she greets […]

Saya’s June Update

Last month, Saya shows us her silly side now that she has adjusted to her new home. She has proven to be a intelligent and highly adaptable dog and has made great progress in her training. Saya loves playing with cardboard tubes and socks as well as belly rubs.

Saya’s May Update

Saya has adjusted well to her foster home. She likes her personal space and time but can also be very affectionate and cuddly. Says greets her foster family when they come home giving them kisses and welcoming pets. She also has started enjoying and feeling ok with belly rubs. Sometimes Saya also lets her foster […]

Saya’s March Update

A little love and training was all our sweet Shiba mix Saya needed to transform into a wonderful dog! Read all about it in Saya’s March update!

Saya’s January Update

Saya is making progress while staying at Country Haven Kennels. This month’s update highlights the updates in her behavior as she becomes more comfortable in her new environment.

Could Your New Family Member Be In This List?

Are you looking for a new Shiba companion? Check out these foster dogs for whom we are currently accepting adoption applications! Nicky – Nicky is a red female, 10 years old. She’s very shy but very loving and would do great in a home looking for a loving companion. Like most Shibas, Nicky is a […]

Saya’s October Update

Saya has gained some weight and her coat is super soft and fluffy. She’s been doing great in her foster home and is slowly getting over her allergic reaction to something that may have been in the shelter when she was there. Saya is pretty independent most the time and comes to her fosters once […]

Introducing Saya

Our newest foster, Saya is a 2 yr old shiba mix who is about 30 lbs and came to us from the Manhattan Animal Care and Control after her owners turned her in. Saya has some food aggression and possession issues with other dogs and her former owners weren’t able to keep the tension low […]