Starlight’s July Update

Starlight was recently spayed and she had some infection, but it has now cleared up and she is doing wonderfully. She is very active and affectionate, she likes to be in the same room as her foster family and wants to play all the time. Starlight is able to be left alone in the apartment, […]

Starlight’s April Update

Starlight has been having fun with her foster family and getting healthier. Her skin and dandruff problem seems to have disappeared now that she’s eating better food. This week she gets spayed and we know she’ll be fine. Starlight is a high energy gal with a sweet demeanor. She’s super curious and has a nose […]

Introducing Starlight!

Starlight is a very beautiful female shiba mix who was found as a stray. She’s approximately 2 years old and is good physical health. From what her fosters can tell, the time she was out on the streets made her fearful of loud noises and being alone. Starlight has separation anxiety and doesn’t like being […]