Our Alumna Ama (PKA Foxy)

We are so happy with an email from Ama’s new family that we want to share it with you: Just wanted you to know that Foxy (We changed her name to Ama, short for Amaterasu, the Japanese goddess of light shining in the heavens) has lost none of her panache 1 year and 3 months […]

Scrappy’s September Update

Scrappy is a spirited 3.5 year old cream Shiba who loves to greet humans and other dogs. He enjoys his walks and is the friendliest Shiba around town!

Welcome Peaches and Griffin

Peaches and Griffin came to NYCSR from a military family who is being sent to Japan and can’t take their two Shibas with them.

Two New Black & Tan Shibas at NYCSR

NYCSR took in two black and tan foster dogs this weekend… Solo and Doggie.

Introducing Buddy

Buddy is a six year old male Shiba who was surrendered to the Bucks County SPCA when his owner needed some medical care and could no longer care for him.

Apache’s May Update

Apache had a wonderful month with his foster family playing with other dogs and a cat! He is a quick learner and has a lot of puppy energy to expend.

Say Hello to Makeda

Our newest foster dog, Makeda, is tiny, friendly, playful and does well with other dogs, although larger dogs do tend to make her nervous.

Foxy’s May Update

Foxy has shown massive improvements in weight and behavior since we placed her into her foster family’s home!

Welcome to Sweet Sable

Sable was possibly hit by a car. She has a broken toe and another broken bone in the same foot/leg which is splinted. In spite of her injury, she kissed the nose of our volunteer who evaluated her at AC&C.

Welcome Kitsu!

Kitsu will be 12 years old in July. He is nervous around children, gets along with other dogs (better when he’s not leashed), and has lived with a cat.

Welcome Apache!

Apache is so full of energy that he was just too much for his disabled owners to care for. In foster care he has a nice fenced yard where he can run around and burn up some of that energy.

Belated Welcome to Amy

Amy was brought into the Brooklyn AC&C as a stray, and now she’s in foster care with NYCSR. She is young, probably about 1 1/2 years. She enjoys walks and has been affectionate with her foster family.

It’s Rocky III (and we don’t mean the movie)

Our THIRD new foster dog named “Rocky” is a Shiba mix and is approximately 3 years old. He is a sweet boy who, at 41 pounds, could stand to lose a few pounds.

Introducing Rocky II

Rocky is about 2 1/2 years old and very friendly. His owner traveled and didn’t have the time needed to devote to Rocky. Rocky lived with children, and we understand he does well with other dogs.

Happy Tails, Pip’s been adopted!

We at NYC Shiba Rescue are happy to announce Pip has been adopted!

Fuji’s March Update

We love Fuji because he has such a big Shiba personality in his little Shiba body! He loves lounging next to window sills and cuddling with this foster family every day.

Happy Tails, Spartacus has been adopted!

Happy Tails! We are happy to announce our energetic young shiba Spartacus has been adopted!

Introducing Rocky

Rocky is one year old and was surrendered to the Manhattan AC&C because his owner needed to travel a lot.

March Update for Kaya

Kaya is 2 years old and currently 22 lbs (but needs to gain some more). Her foster family’s love and patience are helping her grow into a happy dog. With more training, Kaya will be the perfect companion for an active family!

NYCSR Welcomes Koji

Our latest foster boy, Koji, is six years old. He loves playing fetch with his stuffed toys and will catch and chase a fabric doggie frisbee.