Happy Tails, Roscoe’s Adopted!

Happy Tails! We are happy to announce that sweet old boy Roscoe has been adopted!!

Our Gentleman Shiba, Roscoe

Roscoe is doing GREAT in foster care. He is quite the gentleman and lives, as his foster parents put it, in a “composed and proper world where prancing elegantly is expected.” He has been in foster care for over year and is patiently waiting for his forever home to come along. If you’re looking for a companion, take a close look at Roscoe. He’s a sweetie!

Roscoe’s August Update

We’ve received a lovely update from Roscoe’s foster family: Roscoe has been pretty angelic lately. I think he’s been getting used to us more and more, and enjoys being a member of the pack. We were working with him on bossy barking, and the behavior seems to be totally taken care of. He does go […]

Roscoe’s June update

Roscoe is enjoying the start of summer with his foster family. They have described him as an older shiba who adamantly believes he’s still a puppy. He’s very loyal to his humans, and listens to them with 100% perfect attention. They believe from the way he’s gotten used to them and bonded that he would […]

April Update for Roscoe

We are very happy to announce that Roscoe has lost weight and is now 34 lbs. He’s reached what looks to be a great weight for his size. He is also shedding like it is his new job! His fosters have told us that Roscoe is a playful puppy who loves to nap. They believe […]

Roscoe’s March Update

Roscoe is a sweet gentleman and is motivated to do anything if you have a tasty treat in your hand. He has learned to tell you when he wants something by letting out a bark and will cuddle with you after meeting him a few times. He is a wonderful Shiba who also makeshifts as a furry foot warmer!

Roscoe’s February Update

Roscoe is doing really well, his foster family told us that the glucosamine and salmon oil has been helping him and his hips must be feeling better because now he zooms up the stairs! Roscoe also was checked out to see why he sometimes pees in his sleep but we found out he doesn’t need […]

Roscoe’s January Update

Roscoe is the perfect gentleman at home and is an inquisitive dog during walks. He enjoys receiving attention from those who approach him with the respect that a dignified Shiba such as himself deserves and after he learns to trust you he will ask for belly rubs. Roscoe is a smart dog that has been doing very well learning new tricks in his new foster home and will do anything for a morsel of cheese!

Roscoe’s September Update

We’ve had a flurry of updates from our foster dogs this past month and we’re so happy to see that all of them are thriving in their foster homes! Roscoe is no exception and has bonded deeply with this foster mom. He likes to sleep on the human bed while she’s at work and zoom […]

Roscoe’s August Update

Roscoe is a bright, excited bundle of energy and acts like he’s a young shiba and not the mature 12 year old we now him to be. His birthday was earlier this week and he celebrated it with his foster mom. She told us Roscoe loves his stuffed football and will play fetch, tug, and […]

A July Update For Roscoe

Mea, Roscoe’s foster, let us know that he needs to gain a few pounds but is in good shape and within a normal range of weight for his breed and size. Roscoe also has a battle scar from his time at the shelter. He had been pounced and attacked by another dog at the shelter, […]

Introducing Roscoe

Poor Roscoe was left by his owners at 11 1/2 years of age at the local shelter because he started suffering from incontinence problems. Unfortunately it appears that he was never brought to the doctor before surrendering him to see if he could be treated. He seems to be adjusting nicely to his new foster […]