Our Alumna Ama (PKA Foxy)

We are so happy with an email from Ama’s new family that we want to share it with you: Just wanted you to know that Foxy (We changed her name to Ama, short for Amaterasu, the Japanese goddess of light shining in the heavens) has lost none of her panache 1 year and 3 months […]

Two New Black & Tan Shibas at NYCSR

NYCSR took in two black and tan foster dogs this weekend… Solo and Doggie.

Say Hello to Makeda

Our newest foster dog, Makeda, is tiny, friendly, playful and does well with other dogs, although larger dogs do tend to make her nervous.

Foxy’s May Update

Foxy has shown massive improvements in weight and behavior since we placed her into her foster family’s home!

Welcome to Sweet Sable

Sable was possibly hit by a car. She has a broken toe and another broken bone in the same foot/leg which is splinted. In spite of her injury, she kissed the nose of our volunteer who evaluated her at AC&C.

Belated Welcome to Amy

Amy was brought into the Brooklyn AC&C as a stray, and now she’s in foster care with NYCSR. She is young, probably about 1 1/2 years. She enjoys walks and has been affectionate with her foster family.

March Update for Kaya

Kaya is 2 years old and currently 22 lbs (but needs to gain some more). Her foster family’s love and patience are helping her grow into a happy dog. With more training, Kaya will be the perfect companion for an active family!

Lucy’s March Update

Energetic red-headed black & tan Lucy has certainly made an impression on her foster family. Between lots of playing and snuggling, she is finding away into everyone’s heart. Find out if you could be the home to say, “I Love Lucy!”

Introducing Zoe

Zoe, a 1 year old sesame, was transported to her NYCSR foster home today. We are happy she’s now with NYCSR and look forward to learning more about our little sesame girl.

March Update for Nina

Sweet four-year-old Nina is settling into her new foster home. She’s an active dog looking for an active family to bring her home.

Introducing Opal

Opal is a young cream female Shiba whose bushy tail and bright eyes have captured the hearts of many. She is as curious and playful as puppies come and is a quick learner with lots of love to give.

NYCSR Welcomes Angel

Angel was surrendered to AC&C at 14 yrs of age and was understandably frightened there. She’s in foster care now, and she really lives up to her name. She is very sweet and gets along with other dogs and cats. Angel will be a very easy dog for her new family to love.

February Update for Foxy

Our girl Foxy has certainly warmed up to her foster family. They have sent an update and told us how she’s winning her way into their hearts.

Welcome to Kaya!

Kaya (formerly Samantha) came into AC&C Brooklyn as a stray in late January. She’s getting settled into her new foster home now. We’ll have more information about her soon.

Introducing Lucy

Lucy is a 1 1/2 yr old tri-color female Shiba who needs a firm, experienced leader to guide her.

Welcome Nina to NYCSR

Warm & friendly four year old Nina joined NYCSR yesterday. We look forward to learning more about Nina from her foster mom.

Introducing Foxy

We can’t wait to see how 11 yr old Foxy blossoms in her foster home with proper care, nutrition & lots of love.

December Update for Mia

Look at that cute face! Mia is having a great time in her foster home. Her foster family sent us an update and told us that Mia is happy, having fun, and showing some shiba traits as she comes out of her shell. She’s still shy in public places but at home she’s showing some […]

Introducing Teeny Tiny Mia

Little Mia was pulled from a shelter this past weekend and transported to NYCSR foster care. She is 3 yrs old and is a tiny sweetheart.

A Mellow & Snuggly Shiba?!? Yep! Meet Sheba.

Sheba, our petite Shiba, has thrived in her foster home and is the perfect Shiba. She loves to cuddle during quiet moments at home but happily perks up for play time when the moment calls for it! Sheba is curious and friendly to meeting all creatures and humans during her walks.