Hiro – a short update

We are excited to share how Hiro is thriving in his foster-to-adopt home with this short update sent by his family: Hiro had his vet appointment and he did really well. He is 30 pounds, got his distemper and lyme shots. He goes back on Mid-November for his boosters. These are Hiro’s newest favorite spots: […]

Takashi – An Update

We received this update from Takashi’s fosters: Takashi is a great, adorable pup. Though he gets into trouble sometimes, he is impossible to not forgive. He is very affectionate and follows basic commands such as sit, down, stay, and go very well (his patience when we tell him to stay [most of the time] always […]

Welcome Hiro

Hiro is a 5 year old neutered Shiba Inu. Hiro started out in questionable situation, living with an elderly woman, he was crated a lot, not exercised well and not vetted. When his first owner passed he was adopted by another family, who when an ambulance came to the house, Hero bolted out the door […]

Kenzo – An Update

We received the following update from Kenzo’s foster family: Kenzo has some very good Shiba qualities and some very challenging Shiba qualities. He needs a strong, consistent leader who has time to work with him and bring out those good qualities more often. On the one hand, he is extremely intelligent and highly trainable. He […]

Here’s Takashi!

This cute boy is Takashi, a stray who found himself at the Manhattan AC&C. He was listed as 4 yrs old, but may be younger. He is sweet and loved being petted so much that when evaluated he almost fell over as he leaned in for more pets! He has had some training, knowing commands […]

Hello, Foxy!

This is 4 yr old Foxy who was transported yesterday to her foster home. Foxy is a sweetheart. She was friendly and excited when meeting a strange dog during her evaluation and is also good with cats. At 25 pounds, Foxy could stand to loose a few of them. We are happy to have her […]

Have You Met Suko?

This cute boy is one year old Suko. Suko is sweet and full of energy. He is in need of both leash and crate training and would benefit from an established daily routine. He lived with a young child and doing ok with the Shibas in his foster home. We are looking forward to publishing […]

Introducing Guero

Guero is just shy of his second birthday. Guero loves people and children and would probably be best suited for an active family because he LOVES playing ball and going on long walks….really anything that resembles play is great with Guero. He is a very affectionate dog and loves to be with his person/people. Guero […]

We Have Another Zoey!

This is Zoey #2 who will be one yr old on June 6th. Zoey #2 is friendly, full of puppy energy & can be a little mouthy. Zoey #2 likes to go to the dog park where she will pick one dog out of a group to play with. Welcome Zoey #2! Keep checking for […]

Please Meet Rita

Look at this sweet little girl! Rita found herself at the Brooklyn AC&C when she was picked up as a stray. Rita is 1 year old and weighs only 16.6 lbs but probably could stand to gain a little. Rita is skittish until she feels comfortable with you. She enjoys playing with the other Shibas […]

Welcome Bandit

Bandit was transported to a foster home on Apr 18th from Staten Island AC&C. Bandit is 7 yrs old and a Shiba mix. He found himself at AC&C after the death of his owner. He likes being petted and playing with toys and is OK with dogs. Hopefully we will soon know more about this […]

Akira’s April Update

When I read Akira’s foster family’s initial status report for him, it sounds like he is treating his foster home like a wilderness where he is the king. Akira likes to perch on top of the couch to watch the activities outdoor during the day and retreat to his cave under the bed at night […]

An Update for Zoey!

We introduced Zoey into her new foster home earlier this month and have learned a lot about her personality in a week. She is a 6 years old Shiba who recently received a clean bill of health from the vet and weighs approximately 30 lbs. Zoey is best described as a cat in a dog’s […]

Meet Max

This handsome boy is 2 1/2 yr old Max who was surrendered to a NH shelter because his human was ill. Max is used to taking over so his foster mom has been quick to set boundaries with him as has his new kitty brother and he has been introduced to his Shiba sister. Max […]

Introducing Stella

Stella will be 4 years old on August 28th. Stella’s temp foster mom said she is the friendliest Shiba she has seen. When first meeting you she will jump excitedly but then calms down. Stella is not good around farm animals but has lived with dogs. We can’t wait to hear more about this sweet […]

Say Hello to Kenzo

Kenzo is a 1 1/2 yr old sesame shiba who was joined NYCSR on Mar 29. Kenzo is a sweet boy who is enjoying having 2 girls to play fetch with in his new home. He’s already gotten to meet many of the neighbors on his walks around the neighborhood. We can’t wait to learn […]

Welcome Snowball

Allow us to introduce you to a 16 yr old Shiba mix named Snowball. Snowball has some arthritis but does very well for his senior age. He tends to prefer the company of other animals over humans but will allow petting as long as not from his front.

Welcome Akira

This is Akira, a 9 1/2 yrs old “redhead” Shiba. He lived with 2 young children which he was tolerant of and has been ok around dogs that he knows. He was also ok with his human grandparents’ cat. He may bark at first until he feels comfortable around new people and will then allow […]

Introducing Zoey

Zoey is 6 years old. It takes her quite a while to warm up to new people but offering her treats helps her to relax. She likes playing fetch with a tennis ball and going for walks and we’ve heard she loves going for a run in the park with her foster mom. Welcome Zoey!

Hubby’s March Update

Hubby is a social butterfly that doesn’t like to be left alone. He loves meeting new people and being around fellow canine friends but is known to snore at night.