• Hero was born 6/15/2010
  • He weighs 30 lbs
  • Ideal home:
    • in a rural or suburban quiet environment
    • people with Shiba experience - he's an escape artist - willing to work on bringing him back to full health
    • we don't know how he interacts with children
    • we don’t know how he interacts with cats
    • he gets along with dogs

Hiro – a short update

We are excited to share how Hiro is thriving in his foster-to-adopt home with this short update sent by his family: Hiro had his vet appointment and he did really well. He is 30 pounds, got his distemper and lyme shots. He goes back on Mid-November for his boosters. These are Hiro’s newest favorite spots: […]

Welcome Hiro

Hiro is a 5 year old neutered Shiba Inu. Hiro started out in questionable situation, living with an elderly woman, he was crated a lot, not exercised well and not vetted. When his first owner passed he was adopted by another family, who when an ambulance came to the house, Hero bolted out the door […]